It’s time to snuggle up with your Wi-Fi!

As with most things nowadays, our everyday appliances can be connected to our Wi-Fi… but those are usually things like refrigerators or your cats’ litter box (yes, it’s a thing).

Now it’s time to upgrade the linens section of your home with this tech-savvy soft throw!

Move aside, weighted blankets…

The Eddie Bauer Smart Electric Throw


The Eddie Bauer Smart Electric Throw is perfect for those looking for extra coziness during the winter months (or year-round).

For peak levels of comfort, it has a soft, reversible 100% polyester micro plush exterior that snugly fits around its wearer. The interior itself features white Sherpa lining.

Practical and comfortable


Even though it seems high-tech and not something you’d want to throw into the laundry pile, it actually has a machine-washable construction. Users can even tumble dry on the lowest setting to clean and use for years to come.

It comes in six designs that can perfectly complement any home décor.

The Wi-Fi-connected design of the blanket means users can easily make changes to it via their smartphone on the app or even through voice assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Home for hands-free operation.

A comfort level for everyone…

The Eddie Bauer Smart Electric Throw has no manual controller, so it’s all controlled through Wi-Fi (no more searching the couch for those elusive remotes). To control, just press the on/off power button on a smartphone until the light turns blue to control the heat settings.

While snuggled up, users can choose between different heat levels, and wrap themselves up in a large 50″x 60″ blanket that’s perfect as an extra layer for wherever you relax.

To keep warm this winter without ever leaving your bed/couch, it can be purchased on Amazon starting at around $75.

Do you think the trend for having all houseware products connected to Wi-Fi will last? Or do you think it’s too much to keep track of?

Let us know what you think in the comments box below!

3 comments on “This “Wi-Fi Connected Blanket” Lets You Choose Your Own Comfort Level

  1. Yania on

    How long to heat up how long to charge how much in pounds notdollars is it easy enough for the elderly to use with electric high prices will this bea life saver inwinter lots of info needed sounds great

  2. P Berman on

    Great concept..Would love for this for my very cold daughter in law living in the midwest in January! IS it USB charged? Can u charge while using it? are there adjustable settings on thermoset?

  3. Sheilah Jowsey on

    I would be interested in this, fabulous for watching tv or reading a book on the couch. Us does it work on batteries, do you need to recharge. I would need to know. I love your sight.


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