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Protect Your Valuables With The Ultimate Portable Safe!


Neck Hammock

Finally Neck Pain Relief In 10 Minutes Or less!


ThePhotoStick Mobile

Say Goodbye To “Storage Full” Errors FOREVER!



Turn Your Old Computer To Like New Again – Blazing Fast



Instantly Back Up Memories With Just One Click!



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Save Your Loved Ones From Choking



Say Goodbye To Headaches & Migraines In Minutes!


GoSun Flatware

Reusable Utensils That Fit In Your Pocket


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This Smiling Robot Helps Kids With Autism

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A Mirror That Looks Inside Your Body

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23 Smart Gifts To Keep Friends And Family Happy And Healthy In 2020

1. For The Beauty Expert In Your Life – This Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask Uses Natural Bentonite Clay Actually Deep Cleans Without...

Why Haven’t We Cured Viruses Yet?

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37 Tips to Stay Happy, Healthy and Entertained While At Home

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16 Innovative Products That Help You Fight Bacteria, Viruses & Sickness

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Innovations Explained: Telemedicine – The Rise Of Virtual Doctor Visits

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11 Easy At-Home Exercises You Can Do Without Equipment

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Ancient Innovations: The Magical Headache-Relieving Powers of “LI4 Acupressure Points”

Raise your hand if you love headaches! C’mon, put ‘em up high! …nobody? Ahh, right… headaches are the worst! And, they’ve been plaguing us...

Russia Is About To Release The World’s First COVID-19 Vaccine – Here’s Everything We Know So Far

It’s here! The COVID-19 vaccine is finally here! Err… or is it?! Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or taking the lockdown very...

This Grocery Store Just Installed Traffic Lights To Enforce Social Distancing

In a move to combat COVID-19, grocery chain Aldi announced the installation of traffic lights in its UK stores. The lights mimic typical traffic...

Can Music Help Prevent Dementia? This Startup Thinks So!

“Grandpa, can you please turn your medicine down?” “No! My doc says I have to rock out!!” Yes – according to Muru Music Health,...

Bill Gates’ Climate Change Investment Firm Just Bet $3.5 Million On Lab-Produced Breast Milk

Huh? Lab-produced breast milk, Bill Gates and climate change? How can these possibly go together?! Well, to be fair, it’s not just Bill Gates...

Norwegian Scientists Are Using Fish Skin To Regenerate Human Skin

Mermaids are real! Alright, not really. But thanks to a breakthrough in Norway, we’re about to come as close as we’ll ever get (until...

Innovations Explained: What Is Nanotechnology?

The world’s smallest field of scientific study is getting bigger and bigger every day. That’s right – we’re talking about nanotechnology (or nanoscience, to...

‘Air Curtain’ Designed to Protect Plane Passengers From Viruses

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New Device Helps Reduce Hot Flashes During Menopause

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Sleep Science: Do Weighted Blankets Really Work?

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Did You Know? Most Multivitamins Are Unhealthy For Children – Thanks To This “Secret Ingredient”

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New Device Lets Soon-To-Be Mothers Test Their Fertility Levels At Home

Dinner. Movie. Ovulation monitor? First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes an ovulation tracker? Having baby fever? Sorry, we can’t really help with...

Top 5 Game-Changing Beauty Hacks That Actually Work

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

This Food Label Changes Color (And Price) When the Food Is About to Expire

You can’t see it now… but in 24 hours, you will! Most of us have seen grocery store workers put discount stickers on their...


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Fall Asleep & Stay Asleep Fast!


Instantly Back Up Memories With Just One Click!

Neck Hammock

Finally Neck Pain Relief In 10 Minutes Or less!


The Nanotech Patch That Relieves Pain In Seconds


The #1 Personal Safety Alarm For Women

10 Tips To Reduce Stress (And The Innovations That Can Help You Do It Naturally)

Everyone deals with stress from time to time… and lately, we’ve all surely had a few extra reasons. And while it’s important to find...

New Antibody Test Can Be Taken From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Is antibody out there?! Don’t worry – we’re here… and with a new COVID-19 inspired innovation! As we know, due to the pandemic, the...

Pfizer Has Developed A 90% Effective COVID-19 Vaccine

Has it been a while since you’ve heard some good news? This month, Pfizer and its partner BioNTech announced what could be a huge...

These Sustainable Masks Are Made From… Seaweed?!

Got “maskne”? By now, we’ve probably heard people complaining about getting acne from wearing a protective face mask (dubbed “maskne”), and there’s obviously no...

How Cool – An Air Purifier Designed Like A Piece of Art!

Art or Air purifier? No one knows… Lately, air (and what gets transmitted in the air) has been a big topic of conversation due...

AI-Designed Snack Bars Offer a Delicious Way to Reduce Stress

Oh no, there’s AI in my snack bar! Well… not literally, or at least, not yet. But these new snacks do have help from...

AI-Designed Snack Bars Offer a Delicious Way to Reduce Stress

Oh no, there’s AI in my snack bar! Well… not literally. Or at least, not yet. But these new snacks do have help from...

This Futuristic “Floating Station” Is Designed To Clear Out Our Oceans Plastics

Let’s set sail towards the 8th continent… Well… not really. Due to a worldwide crisis of pollution due to things like improper disposal of...

Would You Wear The Same Clothes For 100 Days Straight? (These Folks Did!)

Wool you, or won’t you…? Fast fashion may not hurt your bank account, but it is hurting our planet. Each year, companies create more than...

These Screen Protectors Also Protect Your Eyes from Harsh Light

Don’t look into the (blue) light… With many people now working and/or attending school from home, it can be easy to go from staring...

These Innovative Earrings Monitor Your Blood Glucose Levels In Real Time

A stylish take on blood monitoring… For those with Type-1 diabetes, it may not always be comfortable or convenient to test blood glucose levels, especially...

This Company Will Plant A Tree For Every 12 Minutes You Exercise

Grow trees while growing muscle… A shift towards healthier living has been making its way into the corporate world. Nowadays, many companies offer some...

Israeli Scientists Create “Cow-Free Milk” With Yeast

There are no cows here… it’s “imaginDAIRY!” Plant-based alternatives are now more widely available than ever. They’ve replaced things like meat, milk, and cheese...

This Face Mask Turns Into Flowers When You’re Done Using It

Since most people around the world have been wearing masks for over a year, the way they’re being disposed of is causing a huge...

This “Mechanical Stomach” Turns Food Waste Into Energy

That leftover pizza could power your home – so don’t throw away the crust! Food waste is not a new issue. Many people think...

This Handheld Device Turns Normal Water Into Sanitizer

Water that can transform to kill… You’ve heard of the concept of “turning water into wine”… but these days, turning water into sanitizer is...


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