Watch where your water’s going!

With a quarter of the world experiencing water shortages and rising water prices, it’s time more people look to conserve their everyday water use.

Believe it or not, we probably use way more water than we need… but it’s often hard to think about when you can’t track it!

Luckily, there’s now a way to easily monitor your water use.

Follow the meter…


Since about 3% of the water on earth is freshwater, we must make sure to take steps to conserve it and use it wisely.

That’s why California-based Nudge Systems has created the Pleco smart meter “watch.”

Just attach the watch to a water meter by using the simple strap, and it will provide real-time data on how much water a person is using in their home.

This system includes the watch, a transmitter, battery, display unit, and an app (there’s an app for everything these days, right?).

How does the Plecto Smart Meter work?

The user simply attaches the sensor (AKA watch) to the home’s water meter.

From there, the sensor collects data, then relays it to the transmitter. Finally, the data is sent to the display unit. Once it reaches the unit, it uses the home’s WiFi to send it up to the “cloud” for analysis – which can be viewed on the app.

The system uses the data to calculate how much water is being used to flush the toilet, wash the dishes, water the lawn, and anything else that involves water. Even better, it can detect leaks which can save people money on the water bill and avoid costly damages.

To better illustrate how it works, Daniela Camargo at Nudge Systems stated, “Most of the water meters in the US use the same working principle of magnetic coupling between the moving part inserted into the water flow and the dial mechanism.

“We created a system that detects this magnetic field and processes the signal from it, from a single point at the water entry. Our unique proprietary algorithms then process these signals and convert them into usage.”

A small (but easy) way to save water…


The company hopes that this simple device will help users know how much water they use on a daily basis and adjust their habits to conserve water efficiently.

Also, the Pleco is rather affordable – which allows more people to have access to making their homes eco-friendlier and encourages others to take small steps to do their part as well.

Check out the Pleco smart water meter here.

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