Who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee in the morning? I sure do. But I don’t always love all the sugar or the creamers that we tend to load into our coffee.

And while coffee gives you that nice caffeine hit in the morning, what if your coffee could do more to help you win the day, everyday?

What if your coffee didn’t just wake you up, but also increased your ability to focus, helped burn fat and increase your metabolism and give you the energy you need to have an incredible day?

That’s exactly what the folks at VitaCup set out to answer when they discovered their coffee was waking them up, but not helping them win the day. So they started experimenting with some powerful, all-natural ingredients to create what they call, “Genius Coffee.

Energy boosting coffee pods

This Genius Coffee comes in a convenient, recyclable coffee pod that works with your Keurig to give you a smooth, and richly complex, full-bodied medium roast using 100% Arabica beans that are roasted, blended, and nitrogen sealed in the USA.

These pods are infused with MCT oil, cinnamon, and turmeric which packs a serious punch with properties that have shown to boost energy and focus.

Genius Coffee Pods from Vitacup

What Makes VitaCup Genius Coffee So Great?


  • 😎 ENERGY & FOCUS: This infusion of MCT oil, cinnamon, and turmeric is the secret weapon of the bold and brainy! This next-level trio packs a serious punch with properties that boost energy and focus.
  • βœ… KETO-FRIENDLY: Energize your inner genius with an infusion of MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) oil – a Keto-friendly healthy fat.
  • πŸ’Š DAILY VITAMINS : Get your daily vitamins from one cup of coffee. A powerhouse blended vitamin infusion of B1, B5, B6, B9, B12 and D3 to make it easy getting nutrients to power your body. Vitamin D, made from the same vitamin D produced naturally in our bodies from the sun, supports happy moods and immunity.
  • β˜• QUALITY COFFEE: Enjoy a smooth, and richly complex, full-bodied medium roast using 100% Arabica beans that are roasted, blended, and nitrogen sealed in the USA.
  • β™» 100% RECYCLABLE SINGLE SERVE COFFEE PODS: Vitacup believes that we all can be socially responsible. Our coffee pods are made from recyclable #5 plastic materials and feature easy peel tabs to ensure recyclability across the USA. They are designed for use with nearly all single service compatible Keurig kcup coffee pods brewers, including 2.0 machines.


What Are VitaCup Genius Customers Saying About This New Way To Enjoy Your Morning Coffee?


“This product is definitely worth a try. I got it because of the vitamins. I’ve had stomach/colon surgery and my absorption is not what it was. I usually take liquid or chewable vitamins, but I hate the taste. Also, B vitamins are recommended by my gastro doctor. I love coffee, but usually with milk and sugar because of the bitterness. I have a couple of brands that I can drink straight, but that’s it. My hope was that this coffee was palatable and did not taste like vitamins. Imagine my surprise when it actually tasted great! No bitterness, I can drink it straight. It has a subtle sweetness to it, maybe vanilla and a hint of cinnamon, but certainly undertones, not like a sugary latte. Just enough to make it taste great. Overall, a great find, and a great convenience since it fits my coffee maker.”
Becki Brit – Verified Amazon Purchaser


“I confess, I did not expect this to taste very good; I was just looking for the boost with an added vitamin benefit, but WOW!! It tasted REALLY good! That was the FIRST shocker. THEN, I actually started to FEEL super good! I was crazy impressed with this coffee this morning, and will soon have to order the really big box so that I never run out again!!! Thank you for a GREAT cup of joe!!!”
-Kristen Chavez – Verified Amazon Purchaser


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