Don’t you wish at times you could have safety airbags for your body? Because let’s face it, life can be a bumpy ride at times. No matter how balanced we think we are, we’re all one unshoveled sidewalk away from an unpleasant faceplant.

That’s right. Airbags aren’t just for the car anymore. The protective cushioning of air has more uses than just steering wheels or motorcycle helmets. In fact, that’s where Hip’Safe AirBags come into play.

Hip'Safe | Those Hips Were Made For Walkin'... Keep Them That Way With the Hip'Safe

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So what exactly is a Hip’Safe AirBag? It’s a belt-like device that fits snugly around your waist. About the size of a fanny pack, the Hip’Safe clips into position right around your midsection. It features two lateral airbags, a single gas inflator, and an electronic fall detection device.

Just watch this video to see how it works:

Looking at the device, you may wonder: what in the world is this for? After all, how often are you running into problems with your hips (unless you’re hip checking your way up the NHL ranks).

If you’re a young professional, chances are this isn’t for you. However, seniors with mobility issues are more susceptible to slipping and falling. As you age, your bones become brittle – and because it’s difficult for the body to repair brittle bones, a single slip may result in serious damage. Breaking a hip bone is not only extremely painful, it takes months to repair the damaged bone.

In the case of a damaged hip bone, doctors often recommend replacing it with a titanium implant. Replacing the hip will help prevent future breakage, but it’s extremely costly – not to mention that many people never fully recover from hip surgery. All of this can be avoided by wearing the Hip’Safe AirBag belt.

With the belt in place, the electronic fall detection device will identify when you lose your balance and slip, deploying the AirBag to form a protective barrier around your hips and absorb the impact.

With the provided instructions, you can easily pack the airbags back into position, so if you have a slip and fall scare you can take the bag off, fold it back into place, and snap the Hip’Safe back around your waist.

(That’s right – while car airbags can only be deployed once, the Hip’Safe AirBag can be reused as often as necessary.)

The device comes with a small battery pack to power the electronic fall detection feature. The battery lasts for 7 days and charges quickly via a standard USB cable, so even if you can’t find your Hip’Safe charger, you can simply use your cell phone charger instead.

With your Hip’Safe Air Bag snuggly attached, you’ll have the confidence to go about your daily life knowing you’re protected against the unthinkable. Plus, the belt is flexible, light, and soft, weighing in at just one kilogram (or a little more than two pounds). The nylon fabric is easily removed so you can wash it with your clothes.

If you are looking for added mobility protection for yourself or a loved one, this is an incredible breakthrough. It may be the difference between continuing your life as usual and a painful visit to the ER.

Get more details on the Hip’Safe AirBag on their official website.

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