Wedding bells? Not quite – that’s the sound of Taco Bell and AI partnering up for a future together in fast food.

Once Taco Bell saw McDonald’s partner up with Dynamic Yield to boost mobile sales, it had to take on its nemesis (we mean competitor) to create its own digital transformation.

So, say goodbye to ordering off the regular menu, because Taco Bell has collaborated with artificial intelligence (AI) – Certona – to create a personalized Tex-Mex fast-food experience.

How is the mobile app different?

On their mobile app, Certona AI will track certain factors to create customized food options depending on a variety of things, both past and present.

Taco Bell hopes to use the app to create offerings that go beyond mere preferences. They will gather data on purchase history, location, real-time weather, specific menus, and pricing – all of which will influence what you are offered on your personalized menu.

Derrick Chan, director of ecommerce at Taco Bell, comments on this by stating: “As a forward-looking company, we’re using the latest machine learning and AI technology to better deliver on those individual preferences.”

The AI creates a customized fast-food experience.


Taco Bell hopes to use AI to show hungry patrons the most recent promotions and menu options. It will also make suggestions based on previous visits. All of this is enhances personalization and helps guests get the most crunch out of their visit.

It could also streamline efficiency and wait time. In addition to leaving the (often tough) decision-making aspect out of it.

No longer will you have to wonder if you want the Quesarito or a Crunchwrap Supreme… because the AI already has it figured out for you!

It looks like Certona is here to stay.

Taco Bell’s and Certona’s partnership has been individualizing guest experiences through their mobile app since early 2019… and doesn’t look like they’ll slow down anytime soon.

Taco Bell knows the fans all have their favorites off the menu. That’s why they’re promoting the app to better serve their guests and recognize them for their individual taste.

Do you think it’s worth it to order off the mobile app? Is this type of AI technology something more restaurants, in general, should be adopting? Or do you think they should be tracking us less?

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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