Have pets become replacement children?! Okay… while we wouldn’t take it quite that far, there’s no doubt that some people have chosen to put off having children in favor of giving their dogs all that attention instead. The people behind several recent Kickstarter campaigns are banking on the love between human and dog, hoping to prompt the former to invest in one or more cool new products for the latter. Who knows — maybe you’ll even pocket some serious cash as an early investor!

Follow along as we describe the product — plus where it ended up after Kickstarter!

More Than a Safety Seat for the Car

Zugo pet handbag | Successful Inventions For Dog Lovers

ZuGo Pet Handbag Photo by Kickstarter

How much fun do you normally have trying to wrestle your dog into a kennel when it’s time to go for a ride? Our guess is not too much. Then, to make it even worse, your dog whines the entire ride from being cooped up, and you sense that you’ve gone from best friend to worst enemy before you’ve even hit the freeway!.

Forget that — ZugoPet offers a much better solution. Made especially for small dogs, ZugoPet straps to the back of a headrest in your car, keeping your pup in place until you get to your destination.

Of course, ZugoPet does much more than just keep your dog safe in the car. It also comes with a hands-free leash that you can tie around your waist while you walk your dog, allowing you to carry several other things at the same time. Another way you can go hands-free is by placing the strap over your shoulder like a backpack and carrying your cute little dog around town that way. Oh, and if you and your dog frequently travel together by plane, you won’t have to worry about purchasing another way to house him or her — the ZugoPet is completely airline compliant!

The result? This Kickstarter project met its funding goal! You can now shop this pet carrier and other convenient pet accessories on Zugopet.com

The Only Leash You Will Ever Need

Convertible Leash System | Successful Inventions For Dog Lovers

Convertible Leash System Photo by Kickstarter

Do you own several leashes for different circumstances? If so, get ready to throw them all away — because now you have the convenience of replacing them all with a single leash! This unique invention buckles in place at various lengths, allowing you and your canine pal to meet the demands of any situation.

Are you going out for a casual evening stroll where you can give your dog plenty of space to sniff everything in sight? Just lock the setting on six feet and off the two of you go! Do you need to keep your dog a foot away from you because another dog is approaching from the other direction and you’d rather not see a war break out between them? Simply move the latch back, lock it in place, and hold on tight until the other dog passes. Whether your dog loves hiking with you or they need a serious bribe just to leave the sofa for a walk, the Convertible Leash System could very well be the last leash you will ever need.

The result? This Gear-Wise project met its Kickstarter goal, and orders were delivered! There is no evidence of this product for sale today, but you can find a similar version on Amazon.

Out of Sight, Out of Smell

Double Doodie Bag | Successful Inventions For Dog Lovers

Double Doodie Bag Photo by Fetch Pet Products

As a dog owner, you certainly understand the importance of cleaning up after your dog’s doo-doo while out walking. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make it any less disgusting to carry around a bag of fresh dog poop until you can find a garbage can… and if you’re especially unlucky, that might not be until you get home. This is where the Double Doodie Bag comes in — it’s a bag you can strap to your dog’s collar that keeps the stench in and makes it possible for the responsible party to carry his or her own excrement, not you!

The result? This Kickstarter project was funded, and you can now buy the Double Doodie Bag and other pet accessories at fetchpetproducts.com.

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