Real talk. I’m a dad with 3 young kids. My truck is a hot mess. Snacks. Drinks. Chargers. iPads. Baseball gear. Balls rolling around everywhere.

Like I said, a hot mess.

As much as I love my truck, I have pushed the cup holders and center console to the limit. And if I’m taxed with grabbing dinner on the way home, something is going to slip, spill and someone is likely getting a cold splash of soda on their lap!

Even without the kids in the car, my truck is like my mobile office. With my phone, papers, packages to ship out and more, there is always “more stuff than car.”

I bet you can relate.

I know that the 2 founders of Stupid Car Tray, a new startup from Tower Lakes, IL can relate. When asked why they created their new innovation, they wrote,

“Let’s face it – most of us typically do not optimize our space and time in the car. Messes easily accumulate, stains pop up out of nowhere, we use cupholders to store things we’d like quick access to, and then have nowhere to put our coffee or cans. And when there are kids involved, it only gets messier and more difficult to manage.

Then we look over to the passenger seat. So many of us that drive a lot, do so with an empty seat next to us. What if we could put a non-permanent, light weight, durable, easily stowable, stupidly useful tray table next to us? And it leveled the seat, held our pizzas, casseroles, and hamburger/fries? For our kids as well? Ok now we’re talkin’ … “

What Makes Stupid Car Tray So Great?


ROAD TRIP ESSENTIAL – The Stupid Car Tray Classic is a versatile passenger seat organizer and car tray table made for holding anything and everything you carry with you on the road.
HANDY ORGANIZER – Each tray levels out your seat and the convenient compartments are perfect for any item you want safe and close, from pizza boxes and purses to sanitizer, key FOBs, and other loose items. Also, the built-in side hooks are designed for hanging small garbage bags or other loose car essentials that you don’t want on the floor.
NO-SLIP SURFACE – The anti-slip rubber construction ensures that larger items stay in place as soon as they make contact with the ring surface of the tray.
STAYS IN PLACE – The Classic comes with three velcro elastic straps to keep your items in place. Also, the included stability strap lets you attach the tray itself to a closed seatbelt. It’s easy to install and provides added security.
MULTI-PURPOSE DESIGN – When you’re not on the road, turn this front seat organizer into the perfect mobile office. The compact, lightweight, ergonomic design makes for a great lap desk, TV and game tray, and more.


What Do Customers Say About The Stupid Car Tray?


“My wife and I both do UberEats/Postmates on the side and we needed something to help flatten out our passenger seat. The stupid car tray is quite possibly the best named product and simplest solution to this problem. It’s stupid simple! You literally just place it down in the passenger seat and that’s it! Now it does come with straps to hook it onto a seat belt but honestly, I don’t even do that. I love this stupid thing!”
-Eric C., Verified Amazon Shopper

“Great place for my phone.. no more having to grab and search for stuff when I’m driving.. I bought a second one for the backseat for when the grandkids are with me.. they can play games or cards.. an unexpected extra is that I can slip a magazine underneath and not have it sliding all around.. I’m so used to it now that if I move it for a passenger, can’t wait to put it back! It’s become my “organizer” 😊”

-Kathleen Bruni, Verified Amazon Shopper

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