Of all the things you touch everyday, your phone has to be the dirtiest. According to Seattle Times journalist Bobby Caina Calvan, your phone contains 25,127 bacteria per square inch, to be precise.

That’s a lot of germs.

And yet we still keep picking up and checking our phones every few minutes, touching all of these germs with our hands and putting them onto our fingers and faces.

Outside of dipping our phone in bleach (not a good idea, by the way), how can we keep our fingers clean and kill the germs and bacteria before they make us sick?

You can start by using this new innovation we discovered called the StayWell Copper Phone Patch.

The Copper Phone Patch kills germs without you even having to think about it. Just apply to your phone, use your phone the way you always have, and you’re protected. It sticks firmly to the back surface of your cell phone or case.

Plus, it’s a 100% medical-grade, antimicrobial copper phone patch, made in the USA by Veterans. This is definitely something I am excite to share with you today.

StayWell Copper Patch Review

What Makes The Pure Copper Phone Patch So Great?


STAYWELL™ COPPER KILLS 99.97% OF GERMS ON CONTACT – The Copper GermStopper Cellphone Patch is deadly to more than 60,000 types of potentially dangerous germs including MRSA, E. coli and Coronavirus.

YOUR PHONE IS ONE OF THE DIRTIEST THINGS YOU OWN – it has 18 times more germs than a toilet seat, yet you touch it on average 2,617 times per day.

LIGHT, THIN AND EASY TO ATTACH – the Cellphone Patch is 2.5”x1⅝”x1/16”. Specially engineered 3M adhesive safely adheres your GermStopper Cellphone Patch to the back of your phone or phone cover. If you remove it, your Cellphone Patch can be reused in another place. It’s germ killing power Lasts Forever – so don’t ever throw it away. StayWell Antimicrobial Copper also self sanitizes.

GET AN EXTRA LAYER OF NATURAL PROTECTION AGAINST HARMFUL GERMS – Protect yourself from germs on one of the things you touch most, your phone!

HALO EFFECT – Benefit from copper’s ‘halo effect’ that kills 70% of all germs in a 50 cm radius (19”).

GERM-KILLING POWER NEVER WEARS OUT – Made of 100% pure, durable StayWell™ Copper, All Natural, Chemical-Free, Re-usable. Needs no batteries, refills and there’s no waste!


What Are StayWell Copper Products Customers Saying About This New Innovation


“These are my third and fourth StayWell Copper Products and I don’t go anywhere without them. Will they save my life? YES, Probably. Looking at all the research, copper is proven to kill most germs on contact. I can’t even remember when I last experienced a cold or the flu. Sickness has certainly not happened to me since I’ve relied on my StayWell Copper Products to protect me.

Now that the research is confirmed and EPA registration complete for StayWell Copper Products, you can be sure to trust the claims. Not only do these products kill cold and flu germs, they provide a much needed extra layer of protection from many of today’s more serious issues.”
-Carol Naff, Verified Amazon Review


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