Vacations are supposed to be fun and worry-free. Don’t let paranoia get the best of you, and don’t let a preventable mishap ruin your trip! Here are some incredible ways to make sure you stay prepared and safe on your next vacay.

1. Protect Your Valuables At All Times

There’s a reason this was named the 2017 Hotel Product of the Year. Maybe you don’t feel safe tucking your keys or phone into your shoes and sliding them underneath your pool chair. This is a totally fair concern—anyone could take them in seconds! Luckily, the Flex Safe is super durable, it’s got tons of pockets, it’s portable, you can secure it to most objects, and it can ONLY be removed and opened if you know the unique 3-digit code. When it comes to security, you can never go too far when you’re exploring a new place. Approach the swim-up bar with confidence knowing your valuables are locked up like Fort Knox.

2. Passport scarf for airport safety

Keep your passport, phone, and other travel essentials safely within arm’s reach at all times with a simple, STUNNING fashion accessory. This gorg infinity scarf has a secret pocket to protect all your travel essentials. Say goodbye to digging through every piece of luggage to find your passport or ID. Add security and style to your travel ensemble. One question: where was this on every trip I’ve ever been on?

3. Slashproof shoulder strap for cameras

If you’re bringing your valuable camera on vacation, don’t take any chances on someone stealing it. It’s actually a super common theft technique: slash the strap of a tourist caught unaware, then run away with the goods. This SLASH-PROOF shoulder strap stops a thief dead in their tracks, preserving your killer #TBT photos for weeks to come. #TakeMeBack #SoGladMyCameraWasntStolen #Blessed

4. Secret compartment tank top

Sure, you could take your chances keeping your stuff in your backpack, purse or jeans, but the pickpockets are expecting that. They know how to snag your valuables without you noticing. What they WON’T be expecting is the secret stored in this sensible unisex tank: hidden pockets on the side! Perfect for those occasions where you don’t want to take anything out of the house but some cash and cards (and you want to make sure they’re safe and secure).

5. Smart Pepper Spray

Self defense 2019 style: smart pepper spray that connects via Bluetooth to your phone. This means you can instantly snap a photo of an attacker, spray him with the highest concentration of pepper spray legally available, and use GPS to alert nearby authorities about the scumbag who messed with the wrong person. Not today Satan! You can also activate a small but mighty effective siren if you need to bring some extra attention your way. This small device provides HUGE peace of mind.

These devices can help make sure your vacation is your safest and best one yet. Happy travels!

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