The concept of the “concrete jungle” is about to become quite literal.

A French company, aptly titled Urban Canopee, has announced their plans to roll out new “smart frames” that encourage plant growth in cities around the world.

The frames are lightweight and can be adapted to all sorts of urban environments. Potential uses include creating a canopy of greenery over public squares, designing plant installations on roofs and supporting climbing plants.

This Is Not Your Average Urban Garden

Image source: Urban Canopee

Of course, the frames are more than just flexible beams – they include smart sensors, which monitor the plants’ hydration levels and temperatures. The whole system can be managed remotely via an app, allowing urban planners to make more use of “living installations” without worrying about increased upkeep.

The system also features a solar kit and a built-in irrigation system, keeping a steady stream of water and nutrients to the plants.

A Natural Solution To A Global Problem

The goal, according to Urban Canopee, is to intelligently use plants for two purposes: first, to beautify the area and bring us closer to nature; and second, to reduce temperatures and carbon levels in urban areas.

Plants are some of our best weapons against rising carbon levels – and we already know how a touch of nature can increase quality of life.

The project was inspired by a particularly intense heatwave in 2016, and is growing rapidly – tests are already running in France, while the US, Canada and Australia have expressed interest in adopting the system as well.

This is further proof that technology can bring us closer to nature – and solve problems along the way. Another interesting recent example of this is SeedSheets – a personal garden that uses smart technology to ensure your plants grow beautifully (and correctly).

We’re excited to see these concrete jungles popping up around the world – and can’t wait until we can finally skip the city traffic and swing vine-to-vine like Tarzan!

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