Here are a few simple innovations that can help make every day just a little bit better.

1. Back & Neck Pain Relief with Better Posture

upright go

Tired of hearing your mom’s voice in your head telling you to sit up straight? Well…she has a point. And now that you’re starting to feel back and neck aches, you get it.

The more you slouch, the more pain you cause in your back and neck. Now, thanks to this genius little innovation, that doesn’t have to be the case anymore!

The UPRIGHT GO is a tiny wearable device that essentially replaces your mom’s voice in your head with something much more effective: It nudges you every time you start to slouch. Just a gentle vibration is all it takes to remember to sit up straight!

2. A Healthy & Productive Start to Your Day

Snoozing the alarm clock is an annoying part of our mornings, but now it doesn’t have to be!

Those extra 10 – 15 minutes don’t add to your restful wake, so this pointless morning ritual is like a bad habit we should all shake.

Introducing the Ruggie: a rug that doubles as an alarm clock. And get this… it will not turn off until you step on it. Yep, that’s right. You actually have to get out of bed and stand up.

You can even program Ruggie to wake you with a positive message. Now that’s a muhc better start to your morning, isn’t it?

3. Seal Any Bag In Seconds

iTouchless Handheld Heat Bag Sealer | Simple Innovations To Hack Your Life And Make Every Day Better

iTouchless Handheld Heat Bag Sealer Photo by Amazon

Picture this: You reach in the pantry to grab your favorite bag of chips. It’s opened, so you know they may not be as good as a new bag. But, it’s all you have to work with.

You take a bite. It’s worse than expected. The chips are STALE, SOFT, and just plain GROSS.

Let’s remedy this with a life hack: the iTouchless Handheld Heat Bag Sealer.

This device fully reseals your bags of chips for optimal freshness — as though you just picked them up from the store.

Need to throw something in the freezer but don’t want freezer burn? Heat seal the bag. Want to take seal some fresh veggies and fruit safely to take to work? Seal it up with this heated device.

Food freshness in a bag, always. A snacker’s dream!

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