Have you ever taken a sip of a protein shake and had a big clump of powder rush into your mouth all at once? If you have, you know just how bad of a taste that leaves in your mouth long after you finish your shake.

Or have you wanted to mix up a protein shake or smoothie with your shaker bottle only to search your kitchen up and down for the little mixing ball that always tends to disappear over and over again?

If you can perfectly envision these scenarios, just as I have countless mornings after getting home from the gym, you’re going to love this new innovation we discovered.

It’s from a company called ShakeSphere and at first I was skeptical that they were bringing anything new that hasn’t already been done before. I mean, there’s nothing that revolutionary or innovative about a shaker bottle. Or is there?

The first thing you’ll notice about ShakeSphere is that there is no mixing ball. The patented shape of their bottle is all you need to perfectly mix your smoothies and shakes. And yes, it breaks down all the clumps so you get a perfectly smooth sip every time.

Plus, it’s easy to clean, is leak proof and can even mix soft fruits, making this the perfect shaker bottle for every occasion.


ShakeSphere Black Protein Shaker Bottle


What Makes ShakeSphere So Great?


ADVANCED DESIGN: Unlike other protein shakers, Shakesphere shaker tumblers don’t use a mixing ball or mesh grid to mix your ingredients. Instead, the patented capsule shape does the mixing by continually sending your ingredients around the capsule without getting stuck in corners. Your Shakes and drinks get blended smoothly and effectively, helping avoid lumps.

HASSLE FREE CLEANING, RUGGED CONSTRUCTION: Our patented capsule shape with zero corners ensures that no powder gets stuck – avoid all those stale odors of other products and make cleaning up a breeze! Made from BPA free Tritan plastic, ShakeSphere’s rugged and sturdy design is freezer safe. NOT dishwasher safe!

LEAK PROOF SLIDE CAP: Our tumbler comes with a slide cap that’s safe, secure and leak proof. It won’t drip on your clothing or poke you in the eye during use. An adjustable finger loop makes carrying the ShakeSphere Tumbler as easy as it makes creating your favorite shakes and smoothies.

QUALITY PRODUCT: ShakeSphere offers you a premium quality shaker tumbler with advanced functionality and a sturdy design. With a round base and lid, this powerful blender tumbler mixes tour supplements and ingredients using its unique capsule shape. No additional accessories required. Perfect for supplements and soft fruit blending. 700 MLS 24.6 FL OZ capacity.


What Are ShakeSphere Customers Saying About This Innovation?


“These shakers are amazing!! I have purchased 2 so far and plan on picking up at least one more. The fact alone that there is no shaker ball to loose make them worth purchasing but the icing on the cake is how well they mix whatever product you put in them. Hopefully they will make larger sizes so I can start using them for smoothies. I will never purchase anything other than Shakesphere moving forward.”
-Joshua Meyer – Verified Amazon Customers


“The reviews are what originally got me interested in this product. Everyone seemed to have good things to say about it. I don’t know if I can add anything, but I’ll say this… You won’t find a better shaker bottle out there, if you ask me. There are 3 things that really make this product stand out.

1. Ease of cleaning – Anyone who drinks protein shakes knows how terrible the smell can get and how hard the bottles can be to clean if not done right away. This thing is super easy to clean. Every part of it is easily accessed by a sponge and seeing as it’s totally spherical (more oval, I guess) there are no corners for anything to hide out in.

2. No problems with clumping – The design of the inside of the bottle lends itself very well to mixing the powder with the liquid. Even without a free-moving mixer on the inside it does better at mixing than any other of the brand name bottles.

3. Zero issues with leaking/easy spout lock – I’m on my second one (my dogs got ahold of my first one) and I’ve yet to have either leak on me one bit. The mechanism for the spout is easy to use and doesn’t get accidentally opened. Truly brilliant design.

Nothing more to say other than this is a highly recommendable product.”
-Erin Smith – Verified Amazon Customer

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