Got “maskne”?

By now, we’ve probably heard people complaining about getting acne from wearing a protective face mask (dubbed “maskne”), and there’s obviously no shortage of companies promoting their own masks.

But, a new mask called PYRATEX is different…

How’s it so different?


This mask provides natural nourishment to your face as you’re wearing it, yet it’s still breathable.

The Spanish sustainable textile company PYRATES has created a reusable face mask made from natural seaweed materials. And is certified by EUROFINS and follows Europe’s CWA regulations.

The mask provides skincare using their interior layer called the “seacell”, which is a skin-caring fabric made from USDA certified biobased fiber.

While most face masks just use regular fabrics, PYRATEX uses European high-end knit fabrics that are made from either vegetable, upcycled, or biodegradable materials. Fibers from vegetables are what makes this product unique and environmentally friendly.

And to maintain safety standards, the fabric’s properties have also been tested and certified by European textile institutes.

How do they make the masks?

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First, the PYRATES team collects seaweed from the Northern Atlantic.

Then they turn it into a powder that gets combined with cellulose fiber – and thus, “seacell” is created.

Next, they blend this “seacell” with certified organic cotton fiber.

Almost done! In the next step, three different yarn makers (in Italy, Greece, and Portugal) spin yarn for the masks.

Finally, they treat the masks with natural dyes to provide a variety of color options. Then they assemble the mask and viola – maskne-be-gone!

But why do they use seaweed?

Seaweed has high concentrations of Vitamin E and amino acids. It’s high in minerals such as sodium, magnesium, and calcium. Also, it has anti-oxidative properties that get rid of free radicals while caring for the skin.

As the pandemic continues, companies are listening to people’s concerns over how masks affect their breathing and skin issues. And they’re creating solutions to these new widespread problems while addressing the environmental impact that masks have on the planet.

So, tell us… would you wear these organic face masks? Or do you think it wouldn’t be as efficient to filter out particles? Should more companies be focusing on being eco-friendly with their masks?

Let us know your answers in the comment box below!

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