Oil belongs in hair, not the ocean…

While most people don’t think that getting a haircut has an environmental impact… The fact is that salons often use many harmful chemicals that can run off into the water, and cause build-up.

But this one salon is trying to create an eco-friendlier version of hairstyling.

Cutting out the toxicity


After Gemma Hill learned about a UK-based initiative that helps create a more eco-friendly and sustainable hairstyling experience called the Green Salon Collective – she wanted to include it in her own salon.

Hill’s Luvely Hair salon uses Wella’s new line of products called WeDo. It’s 100% recyclable, vegan, and certified cruelty-free. The salon is already a success not only due to the reopening… but also because people want less waste and toxic chemicals going into their hair (and the environment).

By working together, Wella and Luvely are able to remove eight pieces of plastic from the ocean with every WeDo product sold.  

Every strand counts

The salon is strict on how it recycles all the products used and how they dispose of their hair. Many salons just throw everything in one container… but Luvely uses separate bins for foils, color tubes, paper, and other chemicals.

Long hair is donated to charities, and short hair is given to a program that focuses on stuffing the hair into nylon hosiery that’s then covered in mesh. This creates a “puff” for soaking up coastal oil spills. (Who said oily hair is bad?!)

Hill explains this method of collecting oil as beneficial because “Hair doesn’t absorb water but it does absorb oil so it can be used to clean up oil spills. It can also be cleaned and reused so it can be used over and over again.”

Beautiful inside and outside

More companies have consistently been transitioning to more sustainable cosmetic and beauty items that are helpful for the planet. This includes incorporating natural chemicals and fibers that can be reused and recycled.

This response is due to people becoming more critical of what goes into their bodies. Naturally, corporations want to participate by making conscious choices for people’s daily products.

Have you ever thought about the impact that the hair industry has had on the environment? Will you look for more eco-friendly salons?  

Let us know down in the comments section below!

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