Robots are becoming more common in daily life, as things like robotic servers, self-driving cars, and automated vacuums are present in an increasing number of businesses and homes. However, despite the advancements this technology is making, there’s a long way to go before it’s ready for the mainstream.

The reason is that robots remain prone to glitches, errors, and fails that prevent them from being trusted in many situations. Sure, these fails are great for a laugh, because they look like something a human could do when completing a similar task. They also prove that robots aren’t quite ready to replace us.

a failing robot being destructive


Robots might be the future, but they aren’t quite ready to handle every task we can throw at them. Here are some hilarious robot fail videos that prove how much can go wrong when a robot is on the job.

1) This Boston Dynamics Robot Can’t Stay on Its Feet

Boston Dynamics is a worldwide leader in robotics design and one of the country’s most renowned engineering firms. It was initially a spin-off from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and has made robotic dogs, cheetahs, and bipeds over the years. In short, the people who work there know what they’re doing.

This knowledge can’t prevent every fail, though, as is the case with this fail video featuring Atlas, a five-foot-tall biped designed for various search and rescue tasks.


Atlas can’t seem to stay on his feet in this video, and, honestly, he looks like a clumsy person wearing a robot suit in many of his hilarious falls. 

2) Maybe Robots Don’t Like Serving Soup

This video is pretty cool because it involves a young inventor named Simone Giertz building a robot at home to serve her some pumpkin soup. Simone makes it clear that she doesn’t like pumpkin soup but figured she’d have a robot feed her to make it a little more exciting.

Of course, the video wouldn’t be on this list if things went well, and Simone quickly discovers that her creation has some issues to work out before it’s ready to feed her. The results are hilarious and enough to push you down a Simone Giertz wormhole as you check out her other robot inventions.


3) The out-of-control ketchup robot

If you have young kids, you know you can’t trust them with a ketchup bottle. Not only will they put too much ketchup on their plates, but you’re risking a significant mess when they miss the plate. 

Well, it turns out you can’t trust a robot with a ketchup bottle, either. This video shows perhaps the worst-case scenario when a bottle of Heinz falls into the wrong hands around the dinner table.


4) You Had One Job, Coffee Robot

Some robots have jobs, such as the coffee-serving robotic arm in this video. Yes, this robot is employed, but it clearly should be looking for a new career path if this fail video means anything.

You might want to stay clear of this robot when there’s hot coffee nearby because you’ll risk wearing it. But from afar, the robot and its reaction to the coffee spill are absolutely hilarious.


Robots Might Still Need Some Work

Although robots are becoming a more significant part of our lives every year, these videos show there’s still room for improvement. For now, we can laugh about how epic these robot fails are and be happy someone caught them on video. 

Which robot fail is your favorite? Share your choice in the comment section below, and don’t forget to brighten the day of a loved one by sharing this video.

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