The construction industry, like many others, has been hit with labor shortages. 

To fill in the gaps, construction industry stakeholders are turning to robots. 

Yes, that’s right! Although construction robots are nothing new, they are now taking on more complex construction jobs than ever. 

Here are a few automated construction robots putting in the work. 

Semi-Automated Mason (SAM)

Animation of a construction robot bricklayer


SAM is the robot that may finally put human bricklayers out of work. Why? Well, this semi-automated bricklaying machine lays bricks faster than any human can.

This robot, created by a company called Construction Robotics, can lay more than 3,000 bricks a day. The best human masons can only lay about 1,000 bricks a day, and unlike them, SAM doesn’t get tired or makes mistakes.

SAM has a sensor that scans a wall and assesses what needs to be done. Then, a mortar system tempers the mortar, measures it, and applies it to the brick.

SAM is not completely automated though – as its name suggests. It still needs s at least two humans to feed it bricks and mortar to continue doing its work as it moves along the scaffold.

Check out SAM laying bricks here:


Underside view of a bridge


The MX3D metal welding robot can print stainless steel bridges in mid-air.

It is currently being used to build a bridge that would connect both ends of one of the most famous canals in Amsterdam.

The coordination of how this is going to happen is extremely impressive when you think about it. The robot would have to move along the bridge as it builds it in mid-air from one end to another.

You can learn more about this impressive feat of engineering that is currently in the works by watching this video:

Built Robotics’ Driverless Excavation Machine

An excavator working at sunset


Improvements in technology and the construction sector’s changing needs have led construction companies to rethink what’s possible in the field. 

Given the lack of labor and rising costs, one company is turning to software to explode production. Built Robotics has invested heavily into the development of driverless robot excavators that do not require the presence of a driver in them to operate.

Their software may help facilitate the massive amount of infrastructure projects that need to happen in the next couple of decades. 

You can learn more about this groundbreaking innovation here:

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