1) Meet RoboChef. The Robot That Cooks Incredible Meals For You. 

Now this is cool. The London robotics company, Moley, has spent the last few years designing, developing, and finally perfecting something incredible – the world’s first “RoboChef” that can cook Michelin star meals for you.

How does it work? The RoboChef has a pair of fully functional robotic arms that can accurately replicate the movement of human arms and hands. The inventors are also designing the robot to be just as skilled as a human chef, when it comes to speed and sensitivity.

RoboChef is currently “learning” from famous chefs by following and imitating their cooking skills to a T. It records every ‘recipe’ including the full list of ingredients, a set of instructions, and get this – it will then execute a flawless replay of the human chef’s exact motions and movements.

What are your thoughts on this? Would you eat a delicious meal cooked by a robot?

2) Lab-Grown “Clean Meat” Is A Real Thing. And Apparently It Tastes Delicious.  

Lab-grown meat, otherwise known as “clean meat” could be on sale very soon at a supermarket near you. This new kind of ‘meat’ is grown from stem cells and then cultured in a lab for a few weeks. The results? So delicious almost no one in the initial focus group could tell the difference!

“Clean meat” is very popular with environmentalists who believe it could greatly reduce the environmental impact of the large-scale meat industry. Some estimates believe that ‘greenhouse gas’ emissions, particularly methane, could be reduced by 96% if it were adopted at large scale.

The company developing this technology hopes to bring its products to market at some point in 2019. Products like chicken nuggets, sausage, and even foie gras could be created by this technique.

Of course, the success of this new industry waits to be seen. However, the initial focus groups and polls show that a significant percentage of people are open to eating ‘clean meat’.

What do you think? Would you try a freshly cooked piece of Clean-Meat? Let us know in the comments below!

3) 3D Food Printing Is The Real Deal

With the increased popularity of 3D Printing over the last few years, this development of 3D Printed food was inevitable. In fact, the 3D food printing market is already projected to reach $525.6 million by 2023, according to Research and Markets.

If you know anything about 3D printing or have ever seen it in action, this food version of the technology work in a similar fashion – by building the desired food – let’s say a chocolate cake – layer by layer, minute by minute.

This innovation will offer chefs and bakers endless possibilities when it comes to the shape, texture, and ultimately, the taste of their edible creations in the future.

Any Star Trek fans in the house? If so, you can think of 3D printing kinda like the replicators in Star Trek, except a lot slower and much more complicated. Like Star Trek, however, 3D printing will let you customize the final meal or dessert however you want – just like cooking for yourself but without all the work.

How does that sound?

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