Normally, we don’t think much of the streetlights turning on at night… and yet, they consume about 40% of every city’s electricity costs.

This can be expensive and wasteful – especially if it’s only lighting up little-populated areas.

But now, thanks to a clever new initiative, there could be a way to make street lights MUCH more eco-friendly.

Lighting up the roads with… paint?


The UK-based brand Nevana Designs has developed a special type of “coating” that can make regular pathways glow in the dark. This coating uses a light-responsive formula called STARPATH.

STARPATH can absorb UV rays during daylight, and then use that light to illuminate pathways at night.

In other words, it’s like paint that stores light and saves it for later.

This type of coating is environmentally sustainable since it uses earth minerals and polymers. It could also have energy-saving solutions for a variety of uses.

The STARPATH coating can be put on pretty much any solid surface and is a good alternative for regular street lighting.

The formula consists of photo-luminescent particles that can glow for about 10 hours after sunset, making it a great sustainable alternative to streetlights.

The New Zealand inventor, Hamish Scott, says that “Our goal is to help with climate change, save energy through natural methods, and leave future generations a healthier planet.”

A brighter road for all

Even though streetlights are used all over the world, many of them still use technology from the ‘60s and are past due for a sustainable makeover.

And, while many countries have switched over to LEDs, it still doesn’t make enough of an impact to reduce energy needs.

STARPATH’s eco-friendly materials could be a solution for this issue. It could work together with either existing structures or completely replace them.

Either way, it looks like this technology could be lighting up our future in many of our everyday areas.

Now it’s your turn! What other places could this material be used to light up? Should cities be adopting this at a quicker rate? Let us know your thoughts down below!

Header image source: Nevana Designs

6 comments on “This Paint-Like Coating Powered by UV Light Could Revolutionize Street Lighting

  1. Keith Flanagan on

    I think this is a fantastic idea. Paint the fog lines and road stripes. This would make the Lane Keep Assist features of a vehicle more accurate, thus making driving easier and safer.

  2. Richard Stry on

    But keep in mind, that some animals, especially insects are confused by artifical lights.
    The darkness is is essential for such animals. Double check the influnce on diversity of species, please. Sustainable Goals No 14 and 15.

  3. Brenda Bellis on

    I think this is awesome stuff!! It would save cities and towns tons of money in electricity costs! But more importantly, it will help save the environment by lowering or reducing the need for electricity!!!
    Furthermore, it could light up back or country roads making them safer and possibly reducing accidents. I live in a city but on the back roads of the city where there are no street lights. That would make the roads in my area much safer! I also grew up in a small village and traveled country roads to get 🤔 well, anywhere.
    It would also light up all roads more safely during foggy, rainy or other inclement weather!!

  4. Lucie Lambert on

    I always wondered if they would come up with this idea. I often thought that it would be great if the Lines on the Highways were Illuminated better, especially in a Snowstorm or Fog or very Adverse Weather Conditions, that it would make it easier for People to see so that they wouldn’t get into so many Accidents.


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