There’s always that one task you knew you needed to do, but just didn’t remember. And while our phones are great for a lot of things, sometimes we need those important items to just look us in the face as a constant reminder of what we need to do.

Whether that’s picking up something from the grocery store, remembering all of the events for the week or jotting down those to-do items that need to get done before we can relax on the weekend.

That’s why we love mc squares.

mc squares reusable whiteboard that sticks to anything

They have created a cool new innovation for jotting down and seeing everything you need to do, and the best part – it sticks just about anywhere. From stainless steel appliances and surfaces, glass and just about any other shiny surface.

This means you can throw up your monthly calendar, weekly planner or to-do list just about anywhere, from the kitchen to the office, to the laundry room or a window in the bathroom. Think of all the places and uses you will have for mc squares in your home.

Plus, they are re-usable and come with a cool wet-erase marker, so you can use them over and over again. Their bundle even includes 3 different boards – the weekly planner, the monthly calendar and a to-do list so you can start using them in multiple ways as soon as they arrive in your mailbox!

mc squares whiteboards 3-pack bundle

What Makes mc squares So Great?

  • All of their bundles Include a Reusable Monthly Calendar, a Reusable Weekly Planner, a Reusable To-Do List and a Black Fine-Tip Tackie Marker
  • Their planners are huggers, meaning they stick to shiny surfaces like magnets to metal. Never miss a date on mirrors, glass appliances, windows, or cabinets
  • Write, Stick, Erase, and Repeat over 2,000 times! Save money and trees by never buying paper planners again
  • Your plans are safe. With the included wet-erase Tackie Marker you’ll erase when you’re ready. No messy smudging, no accidental erasing
  • The 2-Year Reusable Planners. Durable whiteboard front and a re-stickable cling backing, we’ll replace any planner that doesn’t last for 2 years!
  • Plus their innovative products have been featured on Shark Tank, Good Morning Amercia, The USA Today, Parents Magazine, BuzzFeed and more…

What Are mc squares Customers Saying About This Innovation?

“They are just what I was looking for. I wanted something that I could put on my refrigerator to use for making lists and these do just that. Thankfully, they are very thin so they do not get in the way when I open my pantry door which is right next to the refrigerator. And they wipe off very easily with a damp paper towel. I highly recommend them!”
-Verified Amazon Customer

“This was literally the only product I could find that would stick to my non magnetic fridge doors. So i ordered it. These are well made, stick nicely (passed the 60 minute test they suggest) to LG black stainless fridge doors without harming the finish, and will do a fantastic job for what I needed them for. I bought their markers too, and these write so much nicer than other brands’ dry erase markers. Super happy with this purchase, and will definitely buy more as the need arises.”
-Heather, Verified Amazon Customer

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