1. Smelly apartment? Here’s your quick fix

Via flickr

Out of Febreze but your apartment smells bad? Plug in a fan or your A/C unit. Then just grab a dryer sheet and tape it over the vents. In a matter of seconds, your apartment will smell like fields of lavender and sunny, tropical islands.

2. Find out if your batteries are on the way out

Via maxpixel

How many times have you tried to watch the game only to discover your remote batteries are dead? Now you can stay on top of power suck by testing batteries before you really need them. Hold a battery six inches above a table and drop it. If it bounces once, you’re in the clear. More bounces than that means they’re gone (and you need to run to the store).

3. Perfectly-cooled drinks in 15 minutes

Via pixabay

It’s taking FOREVER for your beer to get cold. Good news is there’s a way to speed up the process. Just wrap your drink with a wet paper towel and plop it in the freezer. All it takes is 15 minutes to reach optimum drinking temperature. Pro tip: Wrap another one and pop it in while you drink the one that just cooled. Continue the cycle until you love your mother-in-law again.

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