Okay – we can’t be the only ones who can’t wait to get back to the skies!

Here at GiddyUp, we’re based in different locations (mostly in the US, on both coasts) – so we’re all talking about how much we miss seeing our friends, family and each other.

So naturally, any innovation that helps us travel safely again catches our eye. The latest come from an Italian company, Avio Interiors. They designed two different types of airplane seats that include built-in social distancing measures. Let’s take a look at both!

The first concept is called Janus (a reference to the ancient Roman god of travel). This concept separates passengers from each other by reversing the middle seat – so it faces toward the back of the plane. It also includes transparent barriers between the seats.

Image source: Avio Interiors


They say this is the most efficient way to prevent the spread of germs on the plane – but it takes time to create. The earliest we could see Janus in the air is six months. However, there is a quicker option: Glassafe.

Image source: Avio Interiors


Glassafe is a barrier system using transparent shield guards on each seat. This works with existing seat designs, so it’s fast to create – we could see Glassafe within 2 months.

That said, the company warns that Glassafe is not as secure as the Janus concept. Glassafe only protects passengers from the shoulders up – so your hands are still exposed.

In any case, we applaud these efforts to bring travel back into our lives. The International Air Transport Association is reporting a 48% drop in passengers this year, so any innovation that can bring this number up is very welcome in our eyes!

Learn more at http://aviointeriors.it/