Just when you think you know it all, someone comes and surprises you. Check out this list of iPhone hacks that will definitely impress your friends.

1. Record Your Screen

Did you know you can record your screen? I sure didn’t, but it’s a great way to save someone’s snap or story before it goes away, you little sneak.

Screen recording | iPhone Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

Screen recording Photo by BuzzFeed

Go into Settings > Control Center > Select the options under MORE CONTROLS that you wish to turn on, including Screen Recording.

Other cool options include adding a Magnifying Glass and your Apple TV Remote to the control center for easy access without having to unlock your phone

That may seem like a beginner’s move to some, but there are other tips in here you might not know about.

2. Helpful Siri Commands

You can have Siri read your emails aloud (say “Siri, read me my emails”) or have her tell you what airplanes are flying above you at any moment if you’re some kind of flight nerd. (say, “Siri, what flights are above me?”)

3. Advanced Passcode

Advanced Passcode | iPhone Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

Advanced passcode Photo by BuzzFeed

Your passcode doesn’t have to be digits, they can include letters too. So instead of 123456, it can be the word “PASSWORD” …. you know, match the rest of your passwords for your email and social media sites.

4. Customize Vibration Alerts

Different apps make different sounds, but you can also set custom vibrations for alerts.

You’ll know if your phone is worth pulling out in the movie theater, because you’ll know three quick buzzes in your pocket means there’s a new Instagram post from @world_record_egg.

5. Set Flashlight Alerts


…If you really want to make friends with fellow movie-goers, you can program your flashlight to go off for alerts instead of sound or vibrations.

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