The concept of invisibility is fairly common in the film and book industry. Characters like Harry Potter, Sebastian Caine, and Sue Storm have used their invisibility powers for both good and evil, and the idea of invisibility remains part of mainstream pop culture.

Now, Invisibility Shield Co. has developed a fascinating innovation that allows you to hide in plain sight. Here’s a look at their invisibility shield.

The Invisibility Shield

How do you make yourself invisible? Invisibility Shield Co. has an answer. The British startup has created an invisibility shield that is the size of a piece of cardboard and can make anything that goes behind it virtually undetectable.

What is the invisibility shield?

Invisibility Shield Co. states that it’s made from fully-recyclable marine-grade materials and uses a precision-engineered lens array to create the illusion of invisibility.

The product weighs about nine pounds and it’s flexible, making it portable and easy to carry. It’s about three feet tall and two feet wide, so it’s large enough to hide multiple people or objects at a time if you arrange them strategically.

The invisibility shield looks like a piece of plexiglass, but its unique engineering allows it to do more than meets the eye.

The science behind the invisibility shield

Invisibility cloaks were all the rage when Harry Potter was at its peak, but innovators eventually lost interest when they couldn’t recreate invisibility cloaks.

Enter Invisibility Shield Co. Its new shield uses surprisingly simple technology, a lens array that deflects light from the subject away from the observer. Because the shield’s lenses are vertically orientated, they send the reflected light from left to right, so the observer can’t pick up on it.

At the same time, the background stays visible through the shield because it’s larger and brighter and its light can be taken from either side of the shield. This background light is then cast across the face of the shield and reflected to the observer, so it’s the only thing they can see.

While the invisibility shield won’t actually turn you completely invisible, its lenses direct the light from your body away from the person who is attempting to view you. The result is a cool optical trick that will “wow” your friends and family.

Where the invisibility shield needs improvement

Since this shield is a relatively new product, it isn’t perfect, and you’ll notice it has some room for improvement.

For example, when you place the shield in front of any background, it becomes sort of hazy and blurry.

The shield works best against uniform backgrounds like grass, landscapes, foliage, or asphalt because it reflects light from various spots and projects it onto the shield. The background you see through the shield is actually from the areas on either side of it.

Having said that, the invisibility shield truly is an innovation in invisibility and is gaining attention worldwide because of its unique use of materials and scalable manufacturing process.

Where to buy it

Currently, the invisibility shield is available through the manufacturer’s Kickstarter page. So far, the campaign has been a success, which could see Invisibility Shield Co. mass-produce the shields, making them more readily available.

The first deliveries should arrive at homes worldwide by December 2022, and their popularity and performance will likely determine where they go from there.

Do you want to have the power of invisibility?

Becoming invisible is a fantasy for many people around the world. Although the invisibility shield doesn’t actually make the human body transparent, it creates the illusion of invisibility in a fun and accessible way. There’s also no telling how far this technology can take us in the future.

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