My wife doesn’t complain about much, but if she had to make a list, my snoring would be at the top of that list. Not only does it disturb her sleep, but it’s also not healthy for me…or you.

Snoring interrupts your breathing, which in turn causes you to jump in and out of sleep cycles. This keeps you from sleeping soundly and getting into true deep sleep. This might be one of the reasons you wake up feeling fatigued in the mornings, even when you think you got a good 8 hours of ‘zzzzzzz.

Now, there are plenty of snoring solutions on the market, but none are too appealing. Most fall off while you toss and turn during sleep. Others cannot withstand moisture from sweat that accumulates during the night. Others still flat out don’t work.

That’s why I was pleasantly surprised to discover a new company that has developed an innovation that solves all of these issues and helps you sleep better (and breathe better) at night.

The company making waves is called Intake and their breathing strips work by placing magnetic tabs on the outside of your nose that open your nose to its widest capacity. Then you place an adhesive across your nose to create maximum wear time, maximum comfort and unparalleled airflow.

Intake - Stop Snoring With These Breathing Strips

What Makes Intake Breathing Strips So Great?

– ✅ INTAKE BREATHING: Intake’s patented two-part nasal dilator picks up where old nasal strips / anti snoring devices fall short. Two adhesive nose strips are placed (externally) precisely where needed to open your nostrils. The reusable magnetic band attaches to the nose strips instantly opening your airway.
– 💪 SUPERIOR AIRFLOW & COMFORT: Their innovative design allows for maximum airflow & a comfortable custom fit. Intake is non-invasive, worn externally & will not irritate the sensitive skin on the bridge of your nose. Old nasal strips use the bridge of your nose as leverage, we use the band itself.
– 👨‍⚕️ DOCTOR’S CHOICE: Intake worked with doctors & professional athletes to develop the most complete nose breathing solution. Intake fully prevents nasal valve collapse making us the go to option for all types of athletes. Doctors worldwide recommend Intake as one of the best anti mouth breathing / anti snoring devices on the market.
– 💯 REST ASSURED: Their proprietary moisture / sweat wicking nose strips + nasal dilator will stay put with maximum wear-time and durability, Intake outlasts nasal strips for lasting nasal congestion relief. Breathe clear and stop snoring the whole night through. Intake can also ease airway obstruction by a deviated septum.
– 👃 SIZING & KIT: Size ranges S | M | L available for all noses. Kit includes: 2 magnetic bands + 1 nose strip applicator + 10 prep wipes + 20 nose strips (10 uses) + 1 travel case. Please note: You may need to try a larger size if you do not experience a significant improvement in airflow with the Medium or Small sizes. Support is always ready to help!

What Do Intake Customers Have To Say About This Innovation?

“I was surprised that these are actually quite powerful. The metal bar does not need to fit your nose perfectly because the magnets are powerful enough to hold your nose open to the bar anyway. And the stickers holding the magnet will stay stuck to your face.”
A. Roberts, Verified Amazon Customer

“This is seriously a life changing product. I tried it out to help work on nose breathing for better sleep. I felt so much better that I bought one for my son who has struggled with post nasal drip and allergies since he was a baby. My 9 year olds constant nasal drip and charming constant clearing of his throat is GONE. Not better, GONE. There is such an emerging field on the benefits of how we breathe and how it impacts the quality of our lives—this simple device is a life changer!”
Julie Ann Stoltz, Verified Amazon Customer

Intake Breathing Kit - Stop Snoring And Breathe Better Tonight

Intake Breathing Strips

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