Owning a lawn comes with pros and cons. On the one hand, having a well-tended lawn is satisfying, especially if it looks better than your neighbor’s (hehe). On the other hand, properly taking care of your lawn requires time, effort, and equipment.

And the equipment you use is usually clunky, difficult to handle, and can be hazardous to your family and the environment.

Fortunately, a new innovation might change things for the better. A new 3-in-1 multifunctional electric grass burning machine promises to get rid of weeds fast.

This machine is for those who hate dealing with constantly-growing weeds and would like to keep their gardens alive, but dislike the fact that their families and the environment have to suffer for them to do it.

The 3-in-1 Multifunctional Electric Grass Burning Machine

The 3-in-1 multifunctional electric grass burning machine is perfect if you have a problem with weeds. For example, if you have a lot of them growing on pavement or in your garden, this device can easily eliminate them for you.

This multifunctional electric grass burner also has the added advantage of working in an environmentally-friendly manner. It is powered by electricity and has no open flame. You, your family members, and your neighbors won’t have to worry about being choked by smoke anymore because of the way this device uses flame weeding.

What Is Flame Weeding?

weeds in the front yard

The reason the 3-in-1 multifunctional electric grass burning machine works so effectively at wiping out weeds is the 1,202-degree flame that it uses to burn them to a crisp.

That’s the core of the flame weeding process, which can best be described as a slow kill (that burns instantly). It destroys the cell structure of the leaf, making the weed incapable of generating energy for growth via photosynthesis, which will eventually kill its root system.

Flame weeding is so effective at eliminating weeds because it takes out the roots, which means no more regeneration of those pesky weeds. Even stubborn weeds that have proven tough to get rid of before will succumb and be gone within a few days. The duration of time between flame weeding and the complete death of the root depends on how established the root system is and how long the plant was exposed to heat. Sometimes, you might have to flame weed stubborn plant leaves several times but once their roots are killed, they will follow.

Flame weeding does have some disadvantages, though.

For example, it’s not a broadleaf herbicide that will selectively choose what it gets rid of. Flames will consume whatever they touch, so you want to be careful when flame weeding around plants that you want to preserve, like flowers.

You also definitely want to avoid certain plants like conifers which are very flammable, and poisonous plants.

Poisonous plants like poison ivy should be avoided because when you burn their leaves, they emit vapor or smoke that is poisonous and likely to cause a rash on your skin, eyes, and lungs.

While flame weeding is safe when done correctly, you should always try to have a fire extinguisher or a water supply close by should things ever get out of hand.

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  1. Carol Burgess on

    We have weeds on our gravel driveway, and live on a lake so don’t want to use weed killers that aren’t safe for the environment. We considered a propane weed torch but moving the tank around and the danger of it has put off buying one. Can I get more information on your product?


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