Soon there will be more plastic on the beach…

…but for a good reason!  

Vacation properties on the beach are often known for their luxurious and relaxing aesthetic.

But they’re also vulnerable to damage from seasonal hurricanes, which can be devastating to owners and many properties.

Now, there’s an alternative to keep the seas clean and walls sturdy… by using plastic!

Don’t try blowing this house down


David Saulner and Joel German own the Canadian-based construction firm JD Companies. They’re building the first beach house that’s made from recycled plastic bottles – 612,000  of them, in fact!

By melting the recycled bottles into small beads, they’re able to create a house that’s resistant to winds up to 326 MPH – similar to that of a Category 5 hurricane.

Category 5 hurricanes cause the most catastrophic level of damage. The roof and walls collapse rendering properties uninhabitable for weeks or even months.

Working together to find a solution

The project teamed up with Armacell which helped create the wall paneling of the house using PET (polyethylene terephthalate) core-foam green technology.

By turning the plastic into beads and creating “green” panels, the homes became more durable, insulated, and can easily be assembled in just a couple of days.

The property is currently being used as a holiday rental to observe its durability. Overall, the company hopes to build homes that are economical, sustainable, modern, and simple.

Hopes for the future

We often see ways that we can reduce our plastic use, yet even with this awareness over 480 billion plastic bottles were sold in 2016 alone…

It’s estimated that by 2050, plastic will outweigh all the fish in the ocean. JD Companies hopes to be a significant part in reducing and repurposing plastic that will create sustainable and durable homes.

Joel German said, “Our idea isn’t to make custom homes for couples looking to build a new dream home. Our goal is to get in line with projects that allow for volume sales – smaller dwellings, shelters, sheds, offices, sleeping barracks. Disaster relief shelters are definitely on our radar.”

What are other ways we can use plastic for construction? Do you think people will ever stop using plastic? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

13 comments on “House Made From Over 600,000 Recycled Plastic Bottles Capable of Resisting Cat-5 Hurricanes

  1. Susan Downing on

    I want to see more. I want to see how it works and how it’s made. Please get pictures of what you are talking about. Sounds wonderful.

  2. Debra Berry on

    So excited for your venture!!!! I am happy to see your forward thinking and eco concerns and hope that others can adopt your initiative. This gives me much hope for the future of this planet. Wishing you great success in your future projects. Bravo❤💯💥

  3. Ruth A Addington on

    Plastic bottles are too convenient. They can go where ever you go. How often do you see someone out with a glass of just plain water? Can’t put a cap on a glass.

  4. Deb on

    Great option. Is it more economical than lumber costs? Sure would be a great way to save trees and the environment over time. I would like to actually see the prototypes and design options.

  5. martin hancock on

    i think this is a great idea, however i would not rule out the small people who want a new house as with wood becoming harder to get and steel constantly going up in price, this method solves both material and insulation in one hit. with its ability to withstand strong winds, i see it will be a competitive method of building whilst reducing our waste. a lot of small people is equal or greater than a couple of big ones!!

  6. Susan Tanner on

    It will be many years before people switch entirely from plastic. But if it could be used in affordable renovation or repair that would go a long way to having a use for it: roofing materials (especially to prevent hail damage), in place of dry wall if can make it with high R factor to make it more efficient for insulation, plastic bricks,

  7. Elizabeth M. Enfield on

    Plastic would not be such a problem if people would dispose whatever plastic they do not need properly -so that it can be recycled and used properly without any danger to health or to Nature. Glass is heavier than plastic – difficult to carry home products in glass if you haven’t got a car, but glass is safer than plastic to contain/store food. Broken glass fragments lying on the ground are a danger – especially for children, dogs, cats …
    In Africa, where women and children have to walk long distances to fetch water, a plastic container is definitely better than having to carry a metal or other kind of container.
    To put it in a nutshell: Plastic which is not toxic and either used /or disposed properly – should exist – Plastic that is toxic and not necessary should be produced no longer. produ –

    Certain kinds of plastic should not be produced because they are toxic.

  8. Danialle Phiel on

    The use of plastic in this manner is a great idea. I think they could also make most any type of building. I’d like to see dog house made from it.

  9. Larry Carter on

    I think this article confuses miles per hour with kilometers per hour. I hope the architects don’t mess up other measurements!

  10. Rex Baldwin on

    Just to clarify, the house does exist. Where? More photos, please! I’m curious how the plastic beads are used or fused to make walls. What did they use for the wall to roof connections?

  11. Joan Pagliuco on

    Probably won’t stop using all. We do need some plastic. Love the idea to reuse bottles like the house, maybe homeless small houses, and roads etc. keep brainstorming!


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