Covid-19 has reshaped the way we shop. What used to be just an option for getting groceries delivered, is now essential for many people around the world.

It’s something many people depend on, and this German-based startup is trying to make sure people get what they want… fast… really fast.

Ready in a flash…


Gorillas is a startup that offers super-speedy grocery deliveries.

They have just wrapped up a funding round that raised about $50 million. It was mainly funded by hedge fund Coatue and other European investors. The previous round of funding received about $1.7 million, showing that this startup has the potential to grow.

The group was founded last year and markets itself as having an average delivery time of just 10 minutes!

To make this possible, they use hyper-local fulfillment facilities that are known as “dark convenience stores.” The company employs its own riders (usually on bikes), charges low delivery rates, and is also working on creating local delivery-only grocery stores.

The new way of getting a cup of sugar…


If you’re looking to shop your entire grocery list using this service, it might not be for you.

Gorillas is mainly targeted for those who need fresh ingredients NOW, or a random household item, or even for those who forget to buy that one specific ingredient (we’ve all been there).

Gorillas CEO Kağan Sümer stated how Gorillas is different because they focus more on the needs of the customers rather than organizing deliveries around the supply chain like large supermarkets tend to do. Supermarkets focus more on longer shelf life whereas Gorillas focuses on allowing customers access to fresh ingredients.

Sümer explains, “You have penne but no Arrabiata. How do you get that sauce that you need now? So, we asked ourselves, what would happen if a company pops up and serves people with what they need when they need it? Our hypothesis was that people would appreciate it and shift their interaction with groceries to more on-demand purchases.”

A growing market for fast markets…

As of right now, Gorillas is only available in Berlin, Amsterdam, and Cologne – but they have plans to have more than 60 fulfillment facilities working in 15 cities in Europe by mid-2021. With many people’s reliance on quick and affordable delivery, this looks like an achievable goal.

Hyper-local delivery has also been seen in New York, Philadelphia, and London. This trend seems to be growing rapidly around the world!

What do you think about this trend of hyper-fast grocery delivery? Will people still rely on it even after the pandemic?

Let us know what you think in the comments box below!

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