These futuristic finds keep all that junk away from the trunk.

1. Radiation-Proof Underwear

Radiation Underwear | Fancy Pants

Boxer Briefs Photo by Lambs

We’ve all heard the rumors about cell phones, laptops, wi-fi in our pockets and on our laps. The radiation can become a problem. From reducing sperm count to increasing risks for certain cancers, none of it sounds like good news for dudes. We need our swimmers strong and agile!

Even if you’re not sure how factual this is, don’t you want to err on the safe side?

You could stop carrying your phone in your pocket. Maybe avoid putting your computer on your lap. But who’s really going to make those changes?

Thanks to Lambs, there’s an easier solution: radiation-proof underwear. This is obviously the clear choice for the undie savant in all of us.

For $29 you can rest easy knowing you’re protected from all the radiation your favorite devices emit. The fabric was developed with similar technology used by NASA to block 99% of radiation.

They’re also antimicrobial, anti-odor, and breathable! The waistband doesn’t roll and they don’t ride up.

All of which are just added benefits to potentially preventing cancer and killing sperm.

2. Bacteria-Fighting Leggings

828 Leggings | Fancy Pants

828 Leggings Photo by Kickstarter

Always searching for that perfect pair of leggings? Search no more.

Brüt Force Athletics has upped the ante on what to look for in your leggings.

Of course, you want something that’s comfy. It needs to be an ideal fit.

But these 828 leggings bring even more to the table.

They’re the world’s first bacteria-fighting leggins. So, what does that mean, exactly?

The leggings are made with the world’s highest silver thread-count. This allows them to fight off any bacteria. It also makes them odor-proof and moisture-wicking.

What all this fancy language boils down to is: the leggings are durable, comfortable, and clean. All thanks to some pretty cool innovative technology.

Try them out in your next yoga class, during your weight-lifting session, or for a day of lounging on the couch. No matter what the day brings, you won’t want to take these off.

In fact, at the end of the day, you’ll probably sit down and order a few more to add to your rotation of athleisure wear.

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*featured image via kickstarter

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