1. A Burger AND A Bowl Of Ramen

As you’re surely aware, ramen is known as ‘The Hamburger of the East’, while burgers are lovingly referred to as ‘American Ramen’ in most parts of Asia countries. It’s about time someone combined them, right?!

Okay, those nicknames may be completely false… but this noodly, beefy, soupy-sandwichy delight is 100% real.

How exactly does it work? It’s actually pretty easy and genius – simply replace the buns with the ramen! (You’ll need some ramekins for molding the ramen into a bun shape, eggs so it holds its shape, and a perfectly grilled burger to put in between.)

Is your mouth watering yet?

2. Upgrade Your Waffles


Sure, syrup and butter fits into the grooves of a normal waffle… but is that really enough space for all the fixin’s?

Well, maybe in the past… but the future is here, folks. Now that we know we can turn our waffles into BOWLS, there’s no going back!

This waffle bowl maker allows you to stuff your favorite breakfast staple with even more goodness.

The only thing holding you back is your imagination on this one. (We’re talking serious sundae potential… )

3. An Even Cheesier Way to Make “Pizza”

Cheesier pizza | | Everyday Food Reinvented

Pizza. It should be the best late-night snack around, hands-down… but then you remember late-night Mexican food exists. How do you choose?!

Here’s our take: You don’t. Instead, get the best of both worlds and make your own pizza quesadilla at home: tortillas, pizza sauce, cheese (any kind), and pepperoni.

Throw it all in a skillet for a few minutes and voila, you have “pizzadilla”.

Tip: Try adding an authentic touch of Mexican flavor by adding queso fresco or pulled chicken!

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Ramen Burger Featured Image by insatiablemunch/flickr

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