Sometimes you gotta have extras. Take chapstick. You’ve got car chapstick, purse chapstick, bathroom chapstick, etc. Eventually, you lose all of them, buy more, and then randomly find 400 jumbled tubes at the bottom of some shelf you forgot you ever had.

Pantyhose is another big one. Leaving for work? Better bring an extra pair. Have an important presentation? Then it’s two or even three extra pairs by default. Going out for a ruckus night on the town? Chances are you could build a pantyhose ladder to the moon by that point.

The reason for so many extra pairs is obvious. Snags. Tears. Rips that go from your ankle all the way up to your knee.

Take of a torn pantyhose on female legs | Everlasting Unbreakable Stockings Are Now A Thing

You’d think by 2019, women wouldn’t still be having this problem. We can store our most important information in “the cloud” and order toilet paper by yelling at a dot on the counter…. so why can’t our pantyhose seem to last more than one flight of stairs?

Katherine Homuth wondered this same thing. She set out to deliver a solution to the problem most have us had just given up on.

Unbreakable sheer pantyhose | Everlasting Unbreakable Stockings Are Now A Thing

Unbreakable sheer pantyhose Photo by Time

Sheertex Sheers is the pantyhose of our dreams. It’s as if a scientist making nanocarbon technology for a space elevator decided to bring her research to the leggings department.

Seriously, the company went so far as to develop their own new polymer, which produces a fiber so durable they actually guarantee it can’t be ripped. Tear at it, poke at it, scream at it, and run over it, these come back asking for more.

You’d think that a pair of pantyhose that can stop a tank would be about as comfortable as chain metal. But avid users gush over the waistband fit and general softness. Plus the material is wonderfully breathable, so overheating isn’t an issue.

The one downside, quite obviously, is the price tag. A pair of Sheertex will set you back $99 each. But if you add up all the backup pairs, upon backup pairs, upon backup pairs you’ve purchased over the years… they’re probably worth it. Pretty sure we’ve got at least $99 worth a chapstick under the seat of our car at this point.

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