The Wi-Fi is flying high…  

As more places are beginning to ease up on lockdown regulations, more people are preparing for a large influx of gatherings. We’re talking concerts, sports games, social events and more…

While large gatherings can be fun, they pose a challenge for internet connection by often lagging due to the high volume of users.

Now, drones may turn out to be the answer to resolving this (sometimes dangerous) inconvenience…

Up in the air (with a down-to-earth connection)


Based out of Saudi Arabia, a team of researchers from King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) suggested using tethered drones to allow users in highly congested areas to have a stronger internet connection.

These tethered drones are powered by a cable that holds them in place above arenas or even disaster areas to provide reliable Wi-Fi.

Untethered drones depend on batteries and charging stations. This makes them harder to keep up with and maintain – especially in constantly changing environments.

But tethered drones would allow for less worry and improve communication where it’s needed most. For instance, in disaster relief situations where there might be limited power and everyone is trying to contact others. 

Droning on and on and on…


Drones are becoming more incorporated into our daily lives. They have the ability to monitor things that humans can’t and assist us where we need it most.

But, there are still challenges in implementing this type of technology.

One of the challenges is the length of the tether cable, along with its location. It’ll have to be easily movable for emergency access. And in social environments, it must provide high-quality, low-cost access to strong internet connectivity for thousands of people.

While it may seem convenient in many situations, this type of technology is also under fire by regulations and laws. Some folks aren’t happy about this, since it could place limits on the possibilities of how/where drones are used… yet its growth seems unstoppable.

Research predicts that the drone sector will hit roughly $70 billion by 2025. This is due to many companies learning how they can best use this technology to bring their own costs down. In addition, collaborations between industries are helping this sector rapidly expand.

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