Water that can transform to kill…

You’ve heard of the concept of “turning water into wine”… but these days, turning water into sanitizer is all the new rage! Especially since recent data is projecting that about 75% of all COVID-19 related plastic will go to the landfill.

And it doesn’t look like the desire for hand sanitizer, which often comes in plastic packaging, will be going away soon.

A small device that makes a big impact

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Most of us have pocket-sized hand sanitizers wherever we go. But now, a group of Ukrainian scientists has developed a pocket-sized device (about 1.4 inches in diameter) that converts water into sanitizer almost instantly.

It’s currently being developed by a startup called IOON, and it might just revolutionize the sanitizer industry.

Not only does it kill bacteria with just a drop of water mixed with silver-based tech, but it’s also great for people with dry skin or allergies. IOON contains no alcohol, scent, or foam, making it a safe and convenient alternative to other brands.

What’s so different about this sanitizer?


IOON is all about innovation and believes that their solution is more efficient than a normal antiseptic.

The device has four components – the sprayer, enclosure, cartridge, and electronic system.

Within the cartridge, the water is infused with silver atoms and ROS particles that transform it into a sanitizer. The electronic unit carries the current from the battery to meet the cartridge. It also tracks the battery level and the life of the cartridge.

Testing has been done on six strains of bacteria, and one strain of fungus. It’s also been tested against COVID-19 for antiviral effectiveness on surfaces. All results showed 99% efficiency. It’s also shown positive results in over 300 tests conducted by five independent sources.

Helping save humans, and the planet

The enclosure of the device is made from polypropylene which is durable, lightweight, and harmless to humans. The cartridge itself is 3D-printed. After the device no longer works, users can send it back so it can be properly recycled. Just one cartridge usually lasts for 9-12 months.

IOON provides an eco-friendly solution to sanitizer plastic. Since it’s sustainable, the only thing that needs to be replaced is the cartridge – and that alone produces 3 liters of sanitizer (about 60 plastic hand sanitizers).

Charging it is also no hassle since a 20-minute charge can last for 3 days! And one device lasts for years depending on usage and can be used with any water.

Currently, customers can choose from a black or white device. IOON plans to launch their Kickstarter soon and will be selling for $120 with early-bird signups receiving a discount.

Learn more here: ioon.tech

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