Lawn maintenance can be a lot of work – you have to water the grass, apply fertilizer, and deal with pests, among other things. 

There’s a new smart sprinkler on the market, however, that’s making lawn care far more straightforward by allowing you to automatically water your lawn in zones through an app while integrating fertilizer and pest control solutions. 

Let’s take a look at OtO Lawn, an all-in-one smart sprinkler that’s automating yard care and saving people time and money in the process.

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Taking care of your lawn can be discouraging, especially if you’re new to homeownership. 

A lot goes into maintaining a yard and getting your sprinkler set up the right way so it isn’t watering your driveway and sidewalk can be frustrating. 

OtO Lawn automates this part of the lawn care process so you don’t have to be out there constantly watering your grass with a hose yourself. It also does it at a fraction of the cost of a traditional in-ground system, making it an option definitely worth exploring.

Installing the OtO Lawn system

One great thing about OtO Lawn is that you can install it yourself. There’s no digging into your lawn involved, either, as everything operates through a single device that’s merely pushed in once or mounted on a fence.

You’d want to install the smart device in a sunny location in your yard because the system is solar-powered and adapts your watering needs based on the weather. For example, it will apply more water to keep your lawn healthy if your area is dealing with a hot, dry spell.

Likewise, if your city has a rainy period, the system will not turn on during the rain, saving water. 

To install the device, all have to do is mount it to a fence post or wall that receives plenty of sunlight. You can also install OtO Lawn on your grass by simply pushing it into the ground. 

From there, you’ll run a hose to the device, and it’ll water a lawn up to 2,800 square feet in size.

Set your watering zones

A beautiful yard with multiple zones for a smart sprinkler to water


Once you install the device, you can set up your customized watering zones. You’ll start by installing OtO’s app on your smartphone or tablet and pairing it with your home’s Wi-Fi service.

The app lets you set up as many as 10 precise watering zones within your yard for the smart sprinkler to water. OtO Lawn has three zone path types – spot, line, and polygon – giving you complete control over the parts of your yard the sprinkler will touch. 

OtO claims that setting these water zones, along with the fact that OtO Lawn doesn’t water when it’s raining or windy, can reduce your outdoor water consumption by 50%, saving you money.

Add in lawn treatments to fertilize and control pests

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OtO Lawn is more than a sprinkler – you can also add your own or the company’s naturally-sourced fertilizer or pest repellent solutions to the device and they will be automatically applied to your yard. There’s a separate chamber inside the sprinkler for these treatments, and the product will use optimal amounts of them as it waters.

Their Stop the Bites! Mosquito and Tick Control Spray is an all-natural pest-control solution that claims to repel those pesky insects from your property without the use of chemicals. The repellent is a blend of botanical oils that are safe for the environment, and it won’t hurt bees or butterflies.

OtO’s Lawn Food + Molasses fertilizer uses ingredients like seaweed, soy protein, molasses, distillers grains, fermented corn, and essential oils to feed your soil and promote healthy growth. 

Homeowners who find themselves without time to fertilize or apply natural pest repellents can make solid use of this innovative product that does it for them.

Using this smart sprinkler

Once you have it installed, you can begin using OtO Lawn. By default, the product will water your lawn three times per week at 6 a.m. 

This schedule is easily customizable through the app, though, and you can select the days and times to water while adjusting watering levels. You can also set the smart sprinkler to skip watering on rainy or windy days. 

This personalized lawn care solution is excellent for busy people who want a lush, healthy lawn but don’t have the time to manage it. The product takes care of nearly every aspect of yard maintenance, except for mowing and weeding, and its water-saving ability helps you reduce your environmental impact.

The smart home revolution

The OtO Lawn smart sprinkler takes a lot of the physical labor and guesswork out of yard care by automating your watering, fertilizing, and pest control. It’s also less expensive than an in-ground sprinkler system and uses less water than a traditional sprinkler.

What do you think of adding a smart sprinkler to your lawn? Would it be an addition to the rest of your smart home solutions? Let us know in the comment section below, and be sure to share this post with anyone who takes their lawn care seriously.

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13 comments on “Lawn Care Is About to Get a Lot Easier Thanks to This Smart Sprinkler

  1. Nancy bergeron on

    Why would you like this when you have to haul hoses? They would have to be picked up every time you mow plus they would look awful

  2. Keith Verrall on

    Please send me details of price and where I can get the great idea, I am a disabled person and this would help me out so much and reduce my pains levels.

  3. Pam Kramer on

    My husband and I have gotten older and now pay a lawn service to do all of the fertilizer, weed and insect control spraying. They come 12 times per year and it is VERY expensive!!
    We both are always excited about new “inventions”! We would be VERY interested in getting more information about this lawn care system!


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