Don’t forget to scan your membership cup!

More often than not, when purchasing at a store, you’ll be offered their rewards programs. While it’s enticing in the moment, carrying around a sea of membership cards in your wallet can be a hassle…

But now, your membership “card” can also be something you’d already carry around anyway: your coffee cup!

That’s right: No more hole punchers! (Or wasted paper…)


The UK-based company Panda Packaging has thought of a unique way for customers to earn rewards from their most-frequented brands. Not only is it fun and easy, it also helps cut down on plastic.

The team thought of using a reusable bamboo cup to create a “contactless loyalty program”

No more having to remember or carry around an extra card – and it doesn’t even require an app download!

A win-win for consumers and businesses

It’s easy for both sides since customers don’t need to download an app to sign up for the program – and businesses can easily communicate with repeat customers.

Perhaps you’re thinking, “how is this any different from normal reusable cups?” Good question! It’s because Panda Packaging has some serious technology hidden within the cup.

It couldn’t be easier to use: Simply bring the cup, tap the cup on the reader after ordering, and easily earn rewards for every visit! It’s one less thing to think about during that daily coffee run.

Businesses win too since they can better track return customers, offer more personalized selections, alert users to limited-time offers, and are able to regularly gather feedback.

It’s an exciting step for Panda Packaging, who also offer a variety of reusable products that are eco-friendly and are available for wholesale orders. Who knows? Someday you may even start paying with your cup! (I dunno about you, but my mug is never far away…)

Header image source: Green Queen

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