Sometimes I need to sneak into my kids room at night after they fall asleep. Maybe I need to be the Tooth Fairy and grab a tooth from under their pillow. Other times I am simply putting some laundry away in their closet. But, you know kids, there is always something on the floor to trip on, and when my hands are full, I need a light to guide my way, but not wake anyone up.

The same is true if you are walking your dog late at night, going for an early morning run or working the night shift at the hospital.

We need a light and we need our hands for something other than carrying a flashlight or holding out our phones for a little extra light.

That is why I am so excited I met Sam Baniaman, the founder of ClipGlow.

He saw an incredible opportunity to create an innovation that was so simple, and yet so powerful that people all over the world are now wearing his innovation every single day. What started as a way for nurses to check on their patients in the middle of the night has helped thousands and thousands of people to get more things done in the dark.

What I found to be even cooler is that ClipGlow is re-chargeable and doesn’t rely on batteries to light up your night. Now you never have to search for batteries at the last second when you need a little extra light.

Check out ClipGlow on Amazon here.

ClipGlow hands free night light

What Makes ClipGlow So Great?

  • ClipGlow features “Strong Magnetic Clips” that stick securely to many surfaces
  • This innovation offers a simple, hands-free operation with 4 light settings: High, Low, Colored and Flashing.
  • Lightweight material that doesn’t weigh you down, plus the silicone outer cover allows the ClipGlow to be sanitized with ease.
  • Multiple uses including for: nurse nightshifts, camping, hiking, walking, running, dog collars, work belt, construction, emergency light etc.
  • ClipGlow is rechargeable with USB Cable Included. No more having to worry about changing batteries!

What Are ClipGlow‘s Customer’s Saying About This New Innovation?

“I attach it to my dogs’ collar and leash when out at night and it stays firmly in place. It’s ultra lightweight which is a plus and the silicone casing is water resistant. It’s also handy to find those hidden poops in the neighbors grass at night.”
-Alisha R.

“I ride my bike to work and i clip it on my backpack to help being seen by cars at night. I also clip it to my son’s stroller when i’m out walking after dark. So all round great versatile light for nighttime safety!”
-Paul V.

order clipglow on amazon

Checkout ClipGlow on Amazon now.

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