Love cats? Then you need to see these incredible new tech advancements for our furry friends! Check these out:

The Cat Containment System

Is your cat a little too bold and adventurous? Does she keep scaling the fences in your backyard, yearning to break free and explore the wilds of the neighborhood? Put a stop to that immediately with this simple but brilliant design. When Fluffy tries to climb over the fence, she’s met with a layer of oscillating paddles that prevent her from getting a grip on the top of the fence. She simply falls back to the ground, unharmed. This is a great way to keep your cat in your yard without cables, leashes, or collars.

Litter Robot: Self Cleaning Litterbox

Y’all, it’s 2019… why are we still cleaning litter boxes manually? It’s way past time for an upgrade! The Litter Robot is the space-age solution we needed yesterday. Never scoop through litter again, thanks to this much-needed advancement. It’s great for multiple cats, it reduces odor, and it’s self-cleaning, so you never have to dig through litter again! It’s the purr-fect solution to the age old cat-owner chore.

SureFlap Microchip Pet Door

Want to install a pet door, but don’t want any uninvited furry strangers sneaking inside? Or maybe you only want SOME of your pets to be outdoor pets? With the SureFlap, you’ve got a digital doorman for your pets. The pet doors available at SureFlap can be controlled by apps and set to respond to certain animals’ microchips. It opens automatically when the right animal approaches and stays shut otherwise. This is a MUST if you’ve got multiple animals at home with different needs.

PetChatz: Digital Pet DayCare

Want to give your cat a treat while you’re out of the house? Curious about what they do when you’re not home? Need to video chat with your pet so you can catch up on all the hottest cat gossip? The PetChatz Digital Pet DayCare is the best way to stay in touch with your feline friend from a distance. And with PawCall, your pet can even call you! (yeah, more of a dog thing, but you never know.)


Petcube – Wi-Fi Pet Camera

This is the ultimate in pristine, HD pet photo and video recording. Some Petcube models even let you fling treats to your pet—up to six feet away!—while capturing their giddy response. Store your HD videos on the cloud, stream in 1080p HD with a wide angle view, and easily share your vids online so you can dominate that #CatsOfInstagram tag.

Ready to take your pet care into the next generation? Give these fancy new toys a try and see how your cat likes them.

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