A nice breeze could charge your phone…

Say goodbye to clunky portable power banks and those unreliable solar chargers… because this new device could change everything!

It aims to provide a clean and efficient way to charge your handheld devices – using mother nature as its inspiration and power source.

Powered by invisible forces 

The Shine Turbine is a super-compact, portable, and highly efficient wind charger that uses the wind to store and provide power.

Anywhere the wind blows – you can now charge most of your devices. At least, that’s what they claim.

Chris Surette leads the team behind this innovation. They’re based out of Nova Scotia. Chris is an outdoor enthusiast, so he’s aware of how important it is to have power. With no charge, it’s easy to be left vulnerable and exposed to the forces of nature.

The Shine takes just a few minutes to set up, and then you’re all set to charge. It’s a small device, but it holds a lot of power. It has a 40-watt turbine and can power items during the day or night.

This contrasts with solar packs, where a cloudy day could mean you’ll be out of power for a bit.

It can also store energy in its internal 12,000 mAh Lithium-Ion battery. So, you won’t have to worry if the wind happens to die down.

Traveling is a breeze


Shine is perfect for camping, kayaking, RVing, or even just for emergency use. It’s also compatible with any handheld USB device.

Shine generates energy quicker than other handheld power sources, and it’s even able to collect three phones worth of power in an hour with max wind speeds!

This is thanks to Shine’s high-efficiency blades, which enable it to quickly store energy. Wind turbines are a common form of renewable energy, and wind is often a good steady source of power.

Spinning power for the future

Shine operates based on the cubic output of wind. That means when wind speed doubles, Shine’s output goes up EIGHT times. The high-efficiency blades and light design help produce a significant amount of energy in a short amount of time.  

The design of Shine is very compact – it’s roughly the size of a water bottle. No more lugging around heavy power packs!

The device promotes being free from the grid and encouraging those who frequent remote places to have the reassurance of having reliable and portable power.

Shine is still in its production phase and the team hopes to roll it out soon. They’ve already sold out their pre-orders, but you can still follow their progress on their Kickstarter page.

What do you think… would you try this device? Do you think wind is a dependable enough power source? Let us know down below!

Header image source: Shine (via Kickstarter.com)

26 comments on “Charge Your Phone With The Wind Using This Device

  1. Margery Swinton on

    I would be interested in trying this out as I live in N Scotland and we do have wind. Sounds good for holidays to windy Lanzarote but depends on weight and cost. Fine if within my own country as can go in car.
    Need more info as apart from saying it is water bottle size no idea.
    Certainly everyone could reduce their carbon footprint that bit with this

    I do not have website, am ordinary semi retired teacher of 78 yrs looking at ways to help live eco. GB / UK electricity is now ridiculously high

  2. Kerry on

    Yes definitely interested in anything that may help reducing my carbon footprint. I have 4 grandchildren and want them to have a reasonable chance of dealing with the mess us baby boomers have left them. Some limitations price wise but happy to support new ventures also.

  3. Mark Santiago on

    Clean energy is a must these days. Turbine charging sounds good, ill be checking on their progress and if the price is right, I migh purchase one.

  4. Andrew Teo on

    What a brilliant idea!
    Certainly buy one depending on the price as I’m in Western Australia and it’ll involve some shipping and postage costs.
    Like to know the price of the original batch

  5. Lynn De Lacey on

    Yes yes yes!_ At last something small light & portable. Ideal for campervanners. I’m definitely interested – of course the price has to be reasonable.

  6. Christina Hamilton on

    Hi! I live in North Dakota USA where wind is always blowing. Some places in our state use wind power and if you look across our land, you will see wind mills going. I would love to try this device!

  7. Alexander Mitchell on

    Portability is attractive in a device like this. You mention small size but not weight; carrying it in a campervan is one thing but in a backpack another. Is its sound level likely to annoy others?


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