Begone, body wash!

Most of our shower areas are usually overflowing with a sea of plastic bottles that pile up and clutter the area. But, this unique body wash won’t be going on that shower rack…

It’ll be going down the drain – literally!

100% eco-friendly packaging


The personal care brand Plus is behind this initiative to change what we use to clean our bodies. They’ve come up with a dehydrated body wash that comes in dissolvable packaging. This means there’s no waste or mess around the shower!

It comes in credit card-sized sheets made of dehydrated material. Each individual sheet is packaged in a small pouch made from wood pulp sourced from the Forest Stewardship Council-certified forests.

Even the logo on the product is printed with water-based ink and can be washed away.  

The pouch can be dropped in the shower and will safely dissolve down the drain.

The baggies are also shipped in a bio-based pouch and a mailer that can decompose in a garden. This company is serious about not letting anything go to waste.

Here’s how it keeps you clean:

Once water meets the dehydrated sheet, it begins to dissolve and takes on a foamy consistency.

The Plus sheets contain aloe leaf, eucalyptus, shea butter, almond oil, and sunflower oil to create a pleasant shower experience with zero-waste.

Co-Founder and CEO Cathryn Woodruff stated: “The idea of 100% dissolvable packaging – that you hop in the shower with something and it disappears by the time you’re done getting clean – was something that we felt has the potential to get people really excited about making a better choice in the shower.

Plus also stated that their body washes use 38% less water compared to bottled washes and produce 80% fewer emissions while shipping.

Bringing sustainability into the shower…

On the official Plus website, they advertise 16 sheets for about $17. Yes, it seems costly compared to buying a regular body wash bottle… but they’re working hard to bring costs down.

The sheets are also great for everyday use since their compact size makes them perfect for travel or the gym.

Oh, and by the way… if you’re not in the market for Plus dehydrated sheets, but still want to reduce plastic use, bar soaps are an eco-friendly alternative as well! Just a tip 🙂

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