Big Brother isn’t watching… the luggage is.  

Lost and stolen luggage can be a huge inconvenience.

After all, it usually contains everything you need while on a getaway, and not having it is already a recipe for a bad trip.

But now there’s a new type of luggage… and it can keep surveillance for you while you travel!

Your luggage keeps an eye on YOU now…

This unique luggage is called BagCam, and it has a built-in camera that aims to prevent theft or loss.

The camera has the capability to record everything within its 180-degree field of view.

And while most security cameras try to be discreet when watching someone, this camera is obviously visible – which serves as a deterrent should a thief see it.

It has more security features than just a camera, though


Not only does it have a shatterproof cover for the camera, but this security luggage also uses a 90-decibel alarm to scare off potential thieves.

You can keep tabs on who’s handling your bag by connecting it to an iOS or Android app. From there, you can watch a live-stream video on your phone (what else is there to do while waiting for a delayed flight?)

All the footage is even stored in the cloud should the owner need to take another look or use it as evidence.

Even more tech features…

To charge, simply use the USB port charge the bag while on the go.

It doesn’t stop there, it’s high tech enough to even have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 4G, GPS tracking, and LTE connectivity.

Now you can always have peace of mind about your personal belongings while traveling using this luggage.

It’s available in a carry-on size as well as a check-in.

The BagCam hasn’t launched yet – but you can keep an eye on the release date on their official website:

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