Getting older sucks. But technology doesn’t have to. We haven’t found anything that will make those dad jokes any funnier, but the following app developers have curated some great free tools for the advancing age department.

1. Magnifying Glass With Light (Leave the reading glasses at home!)

Magnifying Glass with Light App | Apps Your Parents Didn't Know They Needed

Magnifying Glass with Light App Photo by iTunes

Do your parents need their “lookers” in public all the time? Do they lug a magnifying glass around ala Sherlock Holmes? Point them towards Magnifying Glass With Light by Falcon In Motion LLC. This free app uses your phone’s camera to zoom in on text so you can read that the small print (or appetizer menu), and the flashlight feature is equally beneficial in the dark bar as it is for late night reading.

2. Simple Social For Seniors (but is there a poke button?)

Simple Free Facebook and More App | Apps Your Parents Didn't Know They Needed

Simple Free Facebook and More Photo by Google Play

Everyone and their mom is on Facebook these days. Don’t you love it when grandma makes a random comment on a post and you need to break out a team of scientists to uncover what in God’s name she is talking about? Or when Aunt May types a question into her feed like it is Google?

Give the old timers a break with Simple Free, an app designed to make navigating your Facebook account a little easier. It provides shortcuts that help download and upload pictures with ease, post updates on a whim, and will even use less battery than the standard Facebook app, giving users plenty of backup power to continue taking horrible photos of random things for no obvious reason.

3. Blood Pressure Monitor (Keep an eye on your vitals)

Blood Pressure Monitor App |

Blood Pressure Monitor App Photo by iTunes

No matter your age, it’s important to take care of your body. There are only so many Krispy Kremes and strawberry banana vapes a person can suck down. The Blood Pressure Monitor app by Taconic System LLC help gives you an inside edge on all the wanton destruction. You enter your blood pressure measurements into the app and it will log the information and create charts and graphs to help visualize your levels. You can also track your medication, meals, and other factors that may play into your blood pressure.

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