Backpacks are really useful, whether you’re at work, hiking, traveling, or just walking down the street. They are also, unfortunately, prime targets for thieves.

Criminals see a backpack and think “Treasure!” After all, why else would you carry whatever you’ve got in your backpack everywhere with you?

Fortunately, there are anti-theft backpacks to deter the bandits. Let’s find out how they work to keep your valuables safe!

Backpacks that stop thieves in their tracks

There are lots of ways thieves can break into your bag and steal from you. Some are clever while others are just sloppy.

Anti-theft backpacks are designed to prevent thieves from successfully pulling off their various maneuvers. They aren’t 100% fool-proof but they come with a host of features that make breaking in a lot harder and lead to most would-be burglars giving up in a fast-paced situation like an attempted backpack theft.

Some of the tactics thieves use include:

  • Grab-and-run whereby a person snatches your bag and runs away as fast as they can.
  • Slashing, in which a thief slashes your straps before grabbing your bag and running away.
  • Unzipping your backpack discreetly from the back as you walk to grab whatever they can.
  • Slicing the main compartment of your backpack open to quickly make away with whatever valuables they can reach.
  • Scanning your bag with specialized devices to grab sensitive credit card information.

No matter what techniques they choose to use, every thief has a limited time frame to spot their target, assess their risks, and make a move. Once they notice any sort of countermeasure in place, their time frame reduces drastically and the risk factor goes up such that they are more likely to pass over that person.

This is the entire idea on which anti-theft backpacks are built. They make life difficult for thieves, making it much less likely for theft to happen at all.

Anti-theft backpack features

Anti-theft backpacks include a host of features that make life difficult for thieves. Many of these features can be found together in one backpack. They include:

  • Slash-proof material – This material can be incorporated into the body of the bag, for compartments and straps. Some of these bags even come with a steel wire lining woven into the fabric for added protection.
  • Upgraded zippers – These are hidden from sight and or come with a locking mechanism. They work well because if a thief can’t see the zippers on your bag or can’t open them due to the locks, they’ll most likely not make a move. Some bags even come with hidden pockets that work on the same principle: If thieves can’t quickly see a way in, they’ll most likely not bother with your backpack.
  • Locking cables – These provide a secure way for you to loop your backpack around a signpost or chair without creating an avenue for thieves to slash their way through the strap or bust the lock. Some bags even come with explosion-proof locks!
  • RFID blockers – These systems keep your credit cards and other key passes safe by preventing the microchip in a predatory RFID card from working.

Unlike your regular, run-of-the-mill backpack, anti-theft backpacks are built with a security-first mindset.

FlexSafe is one such anti-theft device that is the ultimate portable safe. It was even voted 2017 Hotel Product of the Year! It comes with an anti-theft security system, nickel alloy lock, cyber data protection, and more to safeguard your valuables.

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