Whether you travel occasionally or consider yourself a jetsetter, you’ve probably wondered out loud why there isn’t a better way to pack neatly and keep your clothes in reasonably decent condition until you need them. Until now, your only option was to cram as many clothes as possible into a suitcase, then sit on the cover to zip it shut if (you’re lucky). While that solves the problem of packing, it doesn’t do much to keep your clothes wrinkle-free until you get to your destination.

Yes, it’s almost 2020, and yes, someone has finally come up with a workable solution to this age-old problem. You can thank LiteTravel, a company launched in 2018, for bringing Qubix to the world. While they’re still raising funds to produce and sell the product, it’s guaranteed to be a game-changer once it hits the market. After all, who really wants to deal with unpacking, lost items, tangled cords, and wrinkled clothes after spending hours on a plane? The lack of personal space, legroom, and an assortment of unusual characters are enough to ask of anyone, thank you very much.

Alas, the Solution is Here!

Qubix 2 Demo | Amazing Hangable Packing Cubes To Keep You From Living Out Of A Suitcase

Qubix 2 Hook and Hang System Giphy by Kickstarter

Would you like to save up to two-thirds of the space you normally need to pack your luggage? We thought so — and that’s exactly what Qubix claims you can do! Qubix is comprised of multiple nylon bags with convenient handles that you simply pack items into, then fit snugly into your suitcase. They come in a wide range of sizes for every possible travel need!

Maybe you’re thinking this sounds great but can’t picture just how it would work. After filling your suitcase full of Qubix bags of various sizes (and easily managing to get that darn zipper shut), you don’t have to think about your luggage again until you get where you’re going. Once you’ve arrived, the only thing you need to do is remove each Qubix bag from your suitcase and hang it up or place it on a dresser.

Forget living out of a suitcase. With Qubix, you can even label each bag to find exactly what you’re looking for without digging through everything you packed from home. If you’re still hesitant about the concept, the following features just might help you see the convenience and quality Qubix offers:

  • Folding board so you can feel confident your shirts won’t look like you slept in them
  • Double compression and reinforced double stitching (these bags are tough!)
  • Hook or hang options to easily store your clothes in any setting
  • Anti-bacterial fabric to prevent you from transporting germs back home

So, what do you think – Is it finally time to give up fighting with your suitcase? Are you ready to hook and hang?! If all goes according to plan, LiteTravel will make the Qubix available by October 2019. Check it out here.

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Featured Image Qubix 2 Photo by Kickstarter

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