AI takes up gardening…

Office plants are not a new thing in many places. But maintaining them becomes a hassle if no one views it as a labor of love… but of course, fake plants just don’t have the same appeal as live ones.

So what do you do if you want greenery without the stress? Simple… you turn to this AI-backed “living plant wall” system that’s changing how plants are used in the office (or even at home)!

No need for a green thumb


The BioBulb by Creo is a smart plant management system that allows people to maintain a wall of living plants that’s integrated into the wall of a building.

Their mission is to “utilize technology in the service of humanity and nature, to create autonomous natures in environments with scarce resources.”

The BioBulb system is modular, meaning it allows the setup of various plants in different rooms throughout the home or office.

The system is connected by a central Bio-Server through a thin tube. The AI incorporated into it then tracks the conditions of the plants and distributes the water and nutrients when it senses the plant needs it.

A natural world within walls

For each type of plant, three sensors determine the health of the plants through the air, light, and temperature. The soil and water acidity are also monitored.

Since everything is automatically taken care of, it takes the guesswork out of watering plants. The system also creates almost zero waste, making it more eco-friendly.

In addition, the system doesn’t use a lot of soil. This makes it more comfortable for the roots, allowing them to grow and thrive.

Happy plants, happy people!


The team at BioBulb is working to create a more interconnected system that would create a network of plants between different floors and buildings using a single “Bio-Server”. This truly creates a piece of nature within buildings.

Biobulb built an award-winning smart hydroponic garden for the reACT House by the University of Maryland at the Solar Decathlon 2017, and they’re committed to using creative designs to bring nature indoors.

As more people return to the office, this system could help connect a bit of nature into the workplace and allow for more appealing decorations.

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