“Mirror, mirror on the wall: Who has the fairest bone mineral density of them all?”

Indeed – if Snow White had this 3D Body Scanning Mirror, she would have had a lot more questions than just “Who’s the fairest of them all?”

The state-of-the-art device (aptly titled “Naked”) goes much further than skin deep, taking a full 3D scan of your body in just 20 seconds. This allows you to track much more than just your body weight and fat percentage, including areas where your body is growing muscle and even the impact of pregnancy over time.

The Naked mirror comes with its own app, which records your data privately and can accommodate unlimited profiles, so your whole family can get healthy together.

Of course, the additional measurements are not the only benefit of the Naked mirror… this is more than just an improved smart scale. The technology is backed by Intel sensors and is guaranteed accurate within just 1.5% – that’s particularly incredible when you consider the fact that 8% is the average error rate for smart scales!

Not only does Naked deliver better readings, it gives you a more precise understanding of your body as it changes over time.


The device was launched last year and is available through the official Naked website (yes, that link is safe for work). However, they were out of stock when we last checked.

Intelligent mirrors are cool, but I’m still waiting for my flying carpet.

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