It’s there. You can feel it. The pain radiating from the back of your neck. For others, it’s an occasional annoyance — but for you, it stems from more than just annoying coworkers or the chirping of your kids for hours at a time. It’s often from months, if not years, of poor posture, uncomfortable chairs, and bad sleeping habits.

So, how do you fix that pain in the neck? There has to be a better option than waiting for your kids to head off to college and retiring from your day job, right? Well, there is — and it doesn’t rely on you going to see a chiropractor. Because now, you have the Neck Hammock.

The hammock works by relaxing the stiffness in your neck. Over time, gravity forces your neck to compress, which causes the joints in your neck to push down on the cartilage between them, which then compresses the normally spongy cartilage. This eventually leads to not only a stiff neck, but pinched nerves and other problems.

There are a few expensive devices out there designed to help with this, such as a back decompression table, where you basically strap yourself into a flatbed that then flips you upside down. Beyond forcing all your blood to rush into your head (don’t get up quickly unless you want a massive, strange-feeling headache), these take up a ton of space, are expensive, and don’t really help your neck out all that much.

The Neck Hammock, on the other hand, is small and simple — it can be attached to any door frame. You then rest your head into the hammock:

The Neck Stretches and Decompresses | A Hammock For Your Neck That Relieves Pain

The neck stretches and decompresses Photo by tryneckhammock

The innovative design of the hammock gently and safely pulls your head up and away from your torso, which eases tension and decompresses your neck. It’s gentler on your neck than having it popped, yet you’ll feel the pain relief after just a few sessions. Just make sure the kids watch out for you laying on the floor! (Or better yet, do it when they’re asleep… talk about total relaxation!)

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Featured image Neck Hammock Photo by tryneckhammock

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