At last! Now that Thanksgiving is over, we’re all legally allowed to bust out our favorite ugly holiday sweaters. And who doesn’t love a good ugly sweater?! They’re kitschy, fun, and yes – ultra-comfy.

And while some of us have a go-to favorite that we’ve donned for decades, most prefer to keep it fresh. For many – including us here at GiddyUp – the annual ugly sweater search is just as much fun as the ugly sweater parties!

So, whether you’re updating your collection, welcoming someone to the tradition with their first ugly sweater, or just looking for inspiration to create your next masterpiece, here are 9 of the most innovative, funniest and UGLIEST sweater ideas of the 2020 holiday season!

1. Let’s start with something simple – this sweater that turns the wearer into a living gift! (Just make sure you also bring a real gift. That whole “but I am the gift” line is only worth about a chuckle and a half…)

Click HERE to get your own “I Am The Gift” Sweater!

2. As you surely know, the new Star Wars movie is coming out this holiday season. Why not give your Darth Vader costume a rest and show up in this perfectly themed ugly sweater instead?

Click HERE to get the Star Wars ugly sweater!

3. Feel like taking it to the next level (or just feeling extra chilly)? Double down on the ugly and create your own Sweater Overalls!

Image Source: BuzzFeed

4. Don’t feel like ugly? Rather be the coolest cat at the party? This one’s for you, dog! (Err…)

Click HERE to get the Cool Cat ugly sweater!

5. Don’t have time to buy or create your own? Don’t worry, the Christmas tree has PLENTY of trimmings to spice up whatever’s in the closet… just drape yourself in holly and bells and you’re good to go!

Image Source: Pinterest

Step 1: Wear regular clothes.
Step 2: Put Christmas tree stuff on them.
Step 3: Get compliments for your innovative idea. It’s that easy!

6. Always wanted to be an elf? Now you can be – even if you’re a little taller than the average elf.

Love it? Gonna go for it? Awesome – don’t forget to grab the matching elf shoes as well!

Click HERE to get the Little Elf ugly sweater!

7. Oh, you thought ugly sweaters were a Christmas thing? Oy vey – think again! Few ugly sweaters can hold a candle to this Hanukkah-themed beauty

Click HERE to get the Hanukkah ugly sweater!

8. Become the hit of the party with the hilarious “Elfie Selfie” sweater – a LOL-worthy analog ode to the digital world!

Click HERE to get the Elf Selfie ugly sweater!

9. Still stumped? Well… you can always go full DIY! Simply combine all the green, red and sparkly things you have in your craft drawer with whatever’s in the back of your closet. The results won’t be pretty… but it’s guaranteed to be 100% unique!

Image Source: BuzzFeed

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