“What are you going to be for Halloween?”

It’s October, and that means you’ve surely been asked this question a few times. If you’re like most of us, you have some ideas in mind… but you’re still waiting for something perfect to pop up. We get it!

Below you’ll find 9 cool costume ideas, each with a unique twist on a Halloween classic. This time we’ve got suggestions for the whole family – read on to discover our top three favorite costumes for kids, adults, and even pets!

Innovative Costumes for Kids

1. Self-inflating Sumo Costume

One look at this and we’re sure you can already imagine the kids having a blast with these inflatable sumo costumes. But what, exactly, is so innovative about them?

These costumes include a battery pack that inflates the suit within seconds – meaning you can not only get an eye-catching costume your kids will love, you don’t have to worry about messy, time-consuming preparation. Just press a button and head out trick-or-treating!

Promising Review: This thing is AWESOME, so AWESOME we ordered another. As soon as it came my son tried it on, I took pictures sent out to the family and friends and everyone was laughing and posting on the social media accounts thinking it was the greatest thing. I’m glad I ordered a second costume when I did as they seem to be selling out quick.

Click HERE to get the Self-Inflating Sumo Costume

2. The Creepiest Costume We’ve Ever Seen

If your child wants to really impress their friends, this one takes the spookiness cake.

This costume is based on Zalgo, an urban legend character that apparently appears in memes… we’ve never heard of him either, but no question: in all our searching, this was the creepiest of them all!

The suit comes from the world-renowned Morphsuit brand, so you won’t find better quality (or a more frightening getup – we swear!)

Promising Review: I am usually that mom that Waits until two days before Halloween to show up to life and buy my kid a Halloween costume from the picked-over racks at Walmart. But because of this costume, I was inspired. I win at Mommy-Ing right now. The costume was just as described and has made the neighborhood kids envious.

Click HERE to get the Zalgo Morphsuit

3. Unisex Scientist Kit & Costume

Is your child destined to create the next world-changing invention? Why not start encouraging them now?!

This scientist costume not only comes with the lab coat and costume, it also comes with a full kit of (safe and non-toxic!) tools to complete the set. Your little scientist will love it… and hey, you’ll let us know if they come up with any cool ideas, won’t you?

Promising Review: My 4-year old loves this set. There is a good variety of scientist tools and although she hasn’t done any complicated experiments with it yet, my daughter has really loved playing pretend with the test tubes and beakers under the bathroom sink. The lab coat is big on her and fairly plain, but I like knowing that she’ll grow into it. Overall, a great starter scientist kit to spark a 4-year old’s imagination!

Click HERE to get the Science Costume & Kit

Innovative Costumes for Adults

1. Neon Skull Mask by Neon Nightlife

Here’s a 21st-century twist on an old classic – this Neon Skull Mask by Neon Nightlife is both spooky AND futuristic! This mask makes a great complement to your existing skeleton costume… or perhaps it inspires its very own getup.

The mask comes with a battery pack that easily clips to your belt or costume. The battery itself lasts 24 hours, so you can be sure it will last all the way through Halloween night!

Promising Review: Show stopper!!! My husband wore this mask to a Halloween Ball and everyone wanted to take pictures and videos with him. Great quality and lights up perfectly with 3 light controls steady, fast blink and slow blink. Definitely would recommend this product!

Click HERE to get the Neon Skull Mask

2. Inflatable Jurassic Park T-Rex Costume

For centuries, humans have dressed up as dinosaurs for Halloween. But there’s always been one problem: Dinosaurs were HUGE!

Until recently, it simply wasn’t possible to mimic the relatively massive size of our favorite extinct ancestors… but now, thanks to this high-quality inflatable costume, dinosaur lovers around the globe can finally feel what it’s like to terrorize like a true T-rex.

Not only is it officially licensed by Jurassic Park, it’s made by Rubie’s – a trusted American name in costumes since 1951, so you know it will last for years to come!

Promising Review: BEST PURCHASE I HAVE EVER MADE!!!!!!!! Seriously, how awesome is this costume? So many applications. I didn’t even buy it for Halloween. I literally just wanted to dress up like a T-Rex from time to time. Life is tough, sometimes you just want to feel happy. So, T-Rex costume. My son loves it. I put it on and we have dance parties. It’s the little things. Two small thumbs on very short arms up!

Click HERE to get the Inflatable T-rex Costume

3. The Easiest (And Most Clever?) Costume Ever

Innovation doesn’t always have to be complicated… sometimes a bit of cleverness at the right moment is all you need!

This t-shirt is perfect for those who don’t want to go completely out of their element on Halloween, yet still want to play along with the mood. (Bonus points if you wear that T-rex costume underneath this shirt!)

Promising Review: Husband wore for Halloween along with a Dino tail..it was a hit!

Innovative Costumes for Pets

1. Lightweight “Cat Friendly” Bat Costume

Dressing your pets up for Halloween is a great idea – until you try to get them into the costume, of course.

Most cats will resist wearing costumes, and once you get them on, it’s only a matter of time before they manage to escape (and possibly destroy the costume in the process).

This bat costume by Vikedi solves that problem. It’s made with lightweight materials and features adjustable velcro strips. Putting it on is a breeze, and your feline friend will hardly notice they’re participating in the festivities!

Promising Review: If your dog or cat is dreaming of flying like a bird or bat this Halloween, this is the way to go. The thick velvet wings are almost 1/4-inch thick. You’d need garden sheers to cut these things, so they won’t be wearing out soon. The neck collar is delightful on its own. The people who assembled these items enjoyed their work because it shows. Priced accordingly. Great fun accessory for your Spooky Pet!

Click Here to get the Cat Friendly Bat Costume

2. UPS Dog Costume by California Costume Collections

Talk about a role reversal! Since your dog loves chasing the postman so much, why not take it a step further for Halloween?! This costume from California Costume Collections is the most unique of them all and features an easy velcro strap.

Now, if you still don’t see how fun this one is, just imagine your pet scurrying around in this outfit like he’s late for his delivery. It’s comfortable for him/her… and 100% hilarious for us!

Promising Review: I bought this last year and I’m still laughing! Seriously, the most hilarious thing ever! On a serious note, I think it was actually pretty comfortable for my dog too because he really didn’t fight me trying it on him and he just walked around like there was nothing different. My dog goes nuts if the UPS truck even drives past the house so this was just too perfect.

Click HERE to get the UPS Dog Costume

3. Lion Mane Costume for Dogs

This one takes advantage of the “natural costume” your dog is already wearing – with one simple touch, they’ll magically transform from a harmless pup into a ferocious feline!

Of course, not all dogs will fit the profile here… but if yours does, this is an easy way to bring them into the Halloween fun. Even better, it’s perfectly timed with the recent Lion King remake!

Promising Review: I have never gotten so much attention for a costume before! People across the street came over to check my dog out. So many compliments! I loved the satin liner and the hidden drawstring, plus the coloring fit my dog perfectly. 

Click HERE to turn your dog into a lion!

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