Look, we give humans a lot of attention here at GiddyUp. We’re sort of addicted to cool products that make life easier, fun, or more comfortable.

At the same time… we’re all TOTAL pet people around here.

So when one of our readers wrote in and asked, “where’s the love for our four-legged friends?”… well, we just had to get the ball rolling!

This dog-themed list features 8 awesome – and, naturally, innovative! – ways to show your dog how much you love them. Who says innovation is just for humans?!

1. A selfie stick with a ball attached – that tricks your pup into getting the PERFECT shot! (You can even remove the ball!)

Just look out for that pesky cat trying to photobomb you in the background…

Promising Review: “I absolutely love this product! After I opened the package, I immediately put it on my cellphone and before I could even call my dogs they were sitting next to me looking up at it, as if they were dying to know what the new toy was! They sat patiently waiting while I snapped a few pics. Then when I was done, I removed the ball from the device and played with them for awhile. Later, I put the ball back in the device, reattached it to my cellphone and snapped a few more pics. This works great! Nothing like a ball to get a dog’s attention!”
– Kelly

Click HERE to get Pooch Selfie: The Original Dog Selfie Stick


2. This NEAR-INDESTRUCTIBLE soccer ball for those pups that tend to get a bit rough with their toys…

If you’re tired of shelling out for a new ball every other day, but you don’t want to deprive your four-legged friend their favorite joy in life… then here’s a challenge for them. After all, isn’t it every dog’s dream to truly bite off more than they can chew?

Promising Review: “I own a pitbull and he is going nuts over this toy!! No word to describe his obsession!!! A ball usually last 1hr or 2hr at the most..lol…but this one is still in one piece after 4 days. Not a perfect round ball if you look carefully at the picture but he is so rough with it and never beleived a ball would last this long anyways!! I love my dog and even if I need to buy 1 ball every month…5$ a week to make my dog as happy as he is with this toy…NO PROBLEM!!! Worth every penny!”
– G0df4der

Click HERE to get the Jolly Pets 6″ Soccer Ball


3. A paw scrubber that gives your pooch perfectly CLEAN paws every time!

YOUR DOG wants to have fun (with reckless abandon)… but YOU don’t want to clean up the mess. That’s understandable – but with this paw scrubber, you can let them go wild without a worry in the world!

Promising Review: “Was initially skeptical that this would work, but have since been converted. It works exactly as advertised and has made our daily walks routines so much easier. The late winter/spring and autumn seasons in Canada can be very messy for paws and legs. This allows us to take the dog out, regardless of weather, without having to run a full bath after. Saves us a lot of cleaning time (both for the dog and our home). Easy to use, good value and after repeated uses, still in good shape without any signs of damage or wear. Highly recommended if you have a dog who enjoys the outdoors.”
– S C

Click HERE to get the MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Cleaner


4. The ultimate solution for hair in the back seat so your loving dog can ride along comfortably… WITHOUT making a mess!

They really thought of everything with the side flaps. Even rough, excited dogs won’t knock it out of place, and it really covers the whole seat!

Promising Review: “Nicest seat cover for dog owners EVER !!! I HAVE a 53lb lab, and she used to create a muddy chaos in my car! All previous seat covers never lived up to what they claimed to be until I got THIS ONE! ITS AMAZING! And it stays in place no matter how much she jumps around and plays! My car and I are so thankful to have found this amazing seat cover! I highly recommend it for anyone!”  

Click HERE to get the YoGi Prime Dog Car Seat Cover


5. An easy and effective way to quickly groom your furry friend… they’ll even enjoy the massage 🙂

It even works on dogs who don’t like to be groomed! Think of how much you’ll save in grooming costs…

Promising Review: “Purchased this as an alternative to a pet brush. Our dog doesn’t sit long enough to get a good brushing when using a typical brush. Not sure if it has to do with the length of the bristles or the presure used to brush him. The pet grooming glove seems to be the answer we were looking for. The gloves smaller silicone bristles gently grabs loose fur while petting him which he enjoys all the time. Although the glove is one size fits all, the adjustable wrist strap makes it easy for me and my kids to use and the shedded fur easily comes off.” – Doc 106

Click HERE to get the Silicone Pet Grooming Glove


6. This poop bag dispenser fits ANY leash – so you’ll never forget or fret again!

It comes with lavender scented bags. Lavender. That’s quite a change to the typical olfactory experience that comes with dog ownership… we can dig it.

P.S. one lady says she uses them for baby diapers – talk about excellent scent control.

Promising Review: “I’ve bought two of these, one for each of my retractable dog leashes. The velcro is great to attach it to the handle whereas so many of the other ones have plastic clips that don’t do the job. If one of these ever does break, I’ll be buying another. I’ve had them on the leashes (we go for at least 4 walks a day) for well over a year now and haven’t noticed any signs of them wearing out.” – Samantha P.

Click HERE to get the Earth Rated Dog Poop Bags Dispenser


7. The world’s first glow-in-the-dark leash that lights up from end to end (so you can enjoy your evening stroll without worry)

It includes two modes (steady and blinking) and it keeps you safe.

But way more important than that: it’s super friggin’ cool.

Promising Review: “Ever feel unsafe walking your dog in the middle of the night? Same!! But this leash solved all of my problems! It’s long too so it gives your dog some running room, but overall I am obsessed with this leash there’s even an option to change the lights into a flashing mode– which I like to call RAVE MODE! I’m sure my dog is now officially the coolest dog on the block. Scratch that the whole neighborhood. ‘I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom’” – Elaine Lam

Click HERE to get the NiteyLeash Glow in The Dark Leash


8. This sneaky lick pad that gives your dog a reason to actually look forward to bath time

They won’t even notice they’re doing the one thing they hate most in the world (aside from mailmen, parked cars and cats, of course).

Promising Review: “It was a cinch to use! Spread peanut butter, stick to wall and our 3.5 math old lab (who hates water!) licked for 10 min while we bathed her. Wish I had one for our last dog! Threw in dishwasher to clean.”  

Click HERE to get the Pawaboo Dog Lick Pad

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