Whether you’re walking home from work or heading out for some exercise, an evening stroll is great for your mind and body! Unfortunately, it’s not always the safest thing to do because with fewer people out and about, it’s easier for criminals to attack after the sun goes down. Fortunately, there are things you can do to ensure a much safer walk alone. Here are seven safety tips for walking solo.

When walking alone, carrying a few basic safety devices and taking some other precautions can keep you safe. Here are seven ways to stay confident on your feet.


1. Carry your cell phone

Never leave home without your cell phone, especially if you’re walking at night. Your mobile device allows you to summon help in an instant, and you can even download a safety app to alert the authorities if you end up in trouble. Your phone’s GPS can track your movements, too, if you want.

If you’re walking home after a long day at work, there’s a chance your phone might have a very low battery and could die. ChargeHubGO+ provides a solution by charging your phone wirelessly anytime, anywhere, ensuring you don’t end up alone without a way to contact someone. ChargeHubGo+ has universal compatibility across devices and brands, ultra-fast charging, and pocket-sized portability.



2. Plan a route

Always plan where you’re going to walk, and stick to the plan. This strategy will ensure you don’t end up in a bad neighborhood, which is essential if you’re walking in a new area.

You’ll also want to let a friend or family member know where you’ll be walking. Although this tip sounds a little paranoid, it ensures at least one other person knows where you are, providing authorities with a starting point if something happens to you.



3. Keep your hands free

Having your hands full can make you an easy target, so leave all bags and devices at home whenever possible. Of course, you’ll want your phone in your pocket, and you might need a bag if you’re walking home from work, but the less you carry, the safer your stroll becomes. Carrying items can also slow you down if you end up having to run from danger.



4. Bring a deterrent

Hopefully, it won’t come to this, but carrying a deterrent like pepper spray, a whistle, or even a flashlight can help keep you safe. A criminal will often move on if you don’t look like an easy target, and a deterrent can assist.

Hootie, a personal safety alarm for women, is a fantastic option to deter attackers and prevent life-altering tragedies. It emits a strobe light and ultra-loud siren to safely attract attention and stop a would-be attacker. Simply pull the pin that sounds the alarm.



5. Avoid alleys

It can be tempting to cut through an alley or head down a dark street when you’re trying to get home, but sticking to well-lit, highly-populated areas is your best bet for staying safe. Staying in these well-lit areas also makes it more likely that there will be businesses nearby, giving you a place to escape if necessary.



6. Don’t wear headphones

Of course, listening to some music on your walk will make your excursion more enjoyable, but it also makes it more dangerous because you can’t hear what’s going on around you. When you have earbuds in, you won’t hear anyone approaching you, putting you at risk. You can always listen to music when you get home, but it’s best to stay vigilant while walking alone at night by leaving the music behind.



7. Look confident

How you carry yourself could determine whether a potential attacker sees you as an easy target or a formidable foe. By keeping your chin up and looking like you know where you’re going, you’ll look like less of a victim, helping you stay safe. If you need directions, quickly popping into a shop or gas station instead of asking a stranger on the street is always advisable because it leaves you less vulnerable.


Stay safe on your walk

Your walks should be enjoyable! Take the necessary precautions to keep yourself safe. Following the tips above will remove much of the danger of walking alone by ensuring you’re prepared should the unforeseen occur.

What are some of your favorite safety tips for walking alone? Tell us your tips in the comment section below, and be sure to share this list with loved ones who like to take solo walks.

6 comments on “7 Tips for Staying Safe on Solo Walks

  1. Stephen Hunt on

    All good tips above. Always walk in the middle of the pavement keep away from the edg nearest the road. If you are attacked or even just jostled or harassed, knowing some basic self defense moves, is a good idea.It will make you feel and look more confident and assured. Do not confront an attacker. The object being to flee or escape to safety. Think, ‘flight, not fight’. For this you need to be waring a good pair of lightweight running footwear and lightweight close fitting non restrictve clothing. It’s a choice but I do not like the idea of carrying weapons. These could be used against you. You could in effect be arming your attacker/s

  2. Margaret Smith on

    When I’m out walking I walk at a good pace. I don’t doddle and I keep a sharp lookout as I go. I text one of my sons and let them know I’m out and about. I also stick to a route that I’m familiar with. I also have a knife, pepper spray and a tazer.

  3. James Malone on

    When I am walking. I always scan the area in the direction I am walking left to right or right to left. Avoid areas where there are groups. Example along a beach front. Or through a public transit area.


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